Your Questions About Save Loan

Lisa asks…

is it possible to make double payments per month to save money on my auto loan?

I pay 300$ per month can i break that up to save myself $

John answers:

Auto finance is what I do for a living and the answer is yes you can save yourself thousands of dollars by doing this.

You need to write 2 checks, one for the regular payment and another for whatever amount you want to pay extra and write in the memo section “Apply to principal” this will assure that the extra amount goes towards your principle rather then interest.

James asks…

How do I save/plan to pay for college so I don’t have to get a loan?

I am a freshman in high school and I am excited about planning for college in the upcoming years. I have a goal to attend at least a 4 year college and get a good degree. I also want to pay for college without getting any loans if possible. I have a couple thousand dollars saved already, and have looked at a few scholarships, but don’t know where to go from here. Please help. Thank you in advance!

John answers:

Sine you have already looked at scholarships then I would say keep searching for them, a lot of them don’t get applied to so keep looking for those. I would recommend using for more scholarships. The university you decide to attend should have many scholarships for its students so look into those as well. Since you are freshman in high school you still have time to do this but I recommend when you are a senior apply for financial aid. At times you can be awarded pell grants which is free money that does not have to be repaid. Work study can also be awarded, this is an on campus job that is flexible with your school schedule. I know it’s a lot but I hope it helps!

David asks…

University students- do you like to splash your student loan or save your money?

Do you go round shops spending tons of money on the latest clobber/makeup/going out or are you saving your money and going round cheaper shops like myself. haha

John answers:

I don’t have a student loan, I decided I didn’t want to be in debt when I got out of uni because you have to buy houses and stuff, so I worked my way through. So I’ve not really had a chance to save, but I’m working on a placement this year so going to stash all I can away while I’m earning!

Donna asks…

Will the loan audit save our home?

Loan audit save our home is it so..Then tell me how it works so that i gain complete information about loan audit..

John answers:

Yes the loan audit save my home because it is the best way for the lender to uncover violations….It is best for the insurance company to audit loan so that it gives more savings and income to the customers..It is also main guidelines for the mortgage which allow shop around by saving money…

Richard asks…

How can someone get a loan with bad credit to save their home?

A friend of mine is having problems paying for his home due to the economic probems. The bank is telling him he has a short amount of time to pay the past due balance which is about $6,000. What can he do?

John answers:

One of the first things he needs to do is see if there’s a Legal Aid office near where he lives. I’m part of a committee in which Legal Aid assists homeowners who are in trouble. They will usually help the homeowner figure out the next steps to take, whether that be a referral to a social service agency that can help him further, or whether that be into looking into other options (such as possibly selling the home). Legal Aid will be honest, though sometimes the answers aren’t always what you mat want to hear. They’re not there to sugarcoat things for you, just give you the options that are in your best interest.

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