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Helen asks…

How can i open my own credit repair company?

I am a mortgage loan officer and always send customers who have credit issues to a credit company to clean off their credit. I know people can do this on their own, but many do not have the knowledge and time to do it. I have also cleaned customers credit myself including mine and my wife`s and friends and family members but i have been doing it for free. How do i go about it in opening my own credit repair company? Where do i start?

John answers:

I wish I could provide an answer to this, a REAL answer. I was in mortgage too for a number of years and got to watch SEVERAL opportunities like the ones you are describing pass me by. Although I would probably open up shop for myself if I had this answer 😉 … I have another product that you could easily incorporate into your current business AND provide a value that no-one else in Real Estate offers. Contact me at 949-838-6909 or if you are interested in taking a look.

Carol asks…

How Many Families are in Bankruptcy After Getting a SubPrime Mortgage From Nancy Pelosi’s Son?

His main job has been being a mortgage loan officer for Countrywide Mortgage.

Have Pelosi and her son gone to the bankrupt families and apologized or expressed sorrow?

Did Pelosi’s son make sure that people who would be in a risky situation if the loan reset at a high rate were fully aware of how dangerous these loans that he gave them were?

Did he try to stop them?
How much money did he make by convincing people to enter risky mortgages?

John answers:

He probably made a fortune. Not to worry though. Nancy and company have plans to force the tax payers into bailing out those who made bad decisions. Nancy’s son will remain fat, happy and safe.

George asks…

How long are employers allowed to look back on your criminal record in CA.?

How long are employers allowed to look back on your criminal record in CA. If convicted of a Felony 15 years ago can I get licenced to be a Mortgage Loan Officer?

John answers:

If the employer uses a third party to do the check a “consumer reporting agency” then all that can be reported is information from the last 7 years OR the statutes of limitations for the crime whichever is LONGER…..
Criminal background checks done by anyone other then the actual employer are a consumer report and are covered by the Fair Credit Reporting Act……
The fact that these checks are covered by FCRA and a FCRA release is required for them to be conducted is why so many people are under the impression (mistakenly so) that employers do credit checks (some do but MOST do not).
CA also has their own laws which are a little broader then FCRA in CA this is the ICRAA
the laws are basically the same….

If the employer actually does their own background checks then they may consider any information they discover, as far back as they want to go as long as it is reasonable to believe the information is accurate…. Even if they do their own check a CA employer is required to have the employee/applicants permission to do so…..

Checks for state issued licenses are not the same and are covered by each particular issuing agency…. Contact the agency that licenses mortgage loan officers in CA and they will let you know what the requirements are…..

Donald asks…

How do I put an image of myself speaking on my Yahoo website?

I am a Mortgage loan officer and recently paid for a Yahoo website. It is still under construction. I want an image of myself ( just like a pop up commercial) to start speakinig when visitors are directed to the opening page.

John answers:

You can use and use a virtual talent.

Edmund Ng

Betty asks…

How can I find an entry level pharmaceutical sales position?

I graduated two years ago with a biology degree. I have since been working as a mortgage loan officer, but my ultimate goal is to get into pharmaceutical sales. Most of the companies that I have looked at require pharma sales experience. How am I supposed to get any experience if there are no entry level positions? They also all require a “clean driving record.” I haven’t had any traffic violations in three years, but my record is not exatly clean.

John answers:

Congratulations on wanting to become a Pharmaceutical Sales Respresentative! Such a rewarding career. Let me ask you: Why do you want this career? When did you decide to want it? Who/what influenced you? What have you done so far to prepare yourself for a life in Pharmaceutical Sales? You need to know the answers to these because you will be asked during your interview. The hiring manager would want to know what motivated you into this career. Also, do you truly know what a job in Pharmaceutical Sales is really all about? Have you researched this field enough? Have you spoken with Pharma Sales Reps, perhaps gone on a ride-along, to see what they have to say about their jobs?

My recommendation is for you to get a bachelor’s degree, at least 2 years of successful sales experience (Enterprise, Xerox, ADP, Coca-Cola, etc.), research the industry. Make sure you have a stellar resume that speaks to your success and learning capabilities. Also, master the art of interviewing; trust me—this will come in very handy. You may want to start with contract companies like PDI, Ventiv and Innovex. This would be an easier route to get your foot in the door rather than directly with big pharma companies.

Good luck!

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