Your Questions About How To Eliminate Debts

Joseph asks…

Quick (LEGAL) ways to eliminate debt?

Now, I have this credit card debt…it is not like a huge amount, but my husband is really after me to pay it off. So, any ideas on how to quickly pay off roughly $5000.00 in debt? Looking for new ideas that are easy to do. Thanks!

John answers:

I think you are looking at it wrong. The issue isn’t “quick” or “easy” the issue is getting rid of the debt. Stop adding anything at all to the cards. Attack the balance with as much as you can possibly afford to put toward them, month after month, until it is gone. 5K is easily manageable but it will never go away if you don’t stop adding new debt onto it.

Donna asks…

Has anyone ever used a debt management service? How did it affect your credit rating? Would you reccommend it?

I want to eliminate the rest of my credit card debt. I see the ads for debt management services where they work with your creditors to reduce your interest rates, then combine all of your debt together, where you pay them one payment per month. My husband thinks this will reflect negativly on our credit report. Has anyone ever done this, and were you succesful in eliminating debt? Did it affect your credit rating in a nigative manner? I think that most people in America today, have alot of consumer debt, but I see many poeple who aren’t worried about it, and only pay the monthly minimums each month. I have been there before, but I am ready to pay it all off. What do you think? I would love to hear from anyone who has used these services before, or any other great idea to pay it all off, without taking out any more loans. Thanks!

John answers:

Well, I don’t promise anything but
people in debt often seem to find some help here :
and here
good luck!

Mary asks…

Has anyone read Kevin Trudeau book on getting rid of personal debt?

how does the book say to reduce debt? whats the 2 magic words he says to use with the credit companies to eliminate debt in 24 hours?

John answers:

Please don’t take Kevin Trudeau’s advice. He’s been in jail for fraud. His health books have been questioned and debunked and shown by many people as false, incorrect and possibly dangerous. Trudeau has even put a warning in his own book saying some parts of his advice books are “fictional”! The salespeople in my local bookstores actually warn their customers about the books before the customer can buy it. He used his profits from his books to start a billiards league, promising very rich prize purses, only to never show up with the money when the billiards tournament happened and that was several years ago now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a wanted man in many places now.

As for the credit card advice, it was probably that you phone your bank where your credit card is from and tell them that another bank has offered you another credit card with a lower interest rate. Remind them that you’ve been a loyal customer for years and ask them if they can lower the interest on your credit card at all. Give them 24 hours to respond. Some banks will actually knock points off your interest rate in order to keep you.
Of course, that was before the economy went down the tubes. Now getting credit or a loan is like winning the lottery or getting struck by lightning.

John asks…

eliminate debt?

how to eliminate my debt

John answers:

Hi, well if you are willing to put some effort into reading then people in debt often seem to find some help here :
and here
also plenty more to read here
now it’s up to you good luck!

Sandra asks…

Has anyone ever used to help eliminate debt? does it work? please share your story…?

im considering using to pay off my credit cards and help with a home loan.. how safe is it? reliable? does it work? please share your stories PLEASE

John answers:

Just like I mentioned in my previous answer, it could be a great place for you. Depending on what state you live in, what is your credit grade, and what is the loan amount that you are requesting, this might be the place for you. I have helped people that wanted to buy a car, pay off payday loans, and to help get them through their last month of college. Once again, this could be the place for you. Let me know if you need any additional information.


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