Your Questions About Home Loan Calculator

Maria asks…

i was wondering is it possible to get a government home loan and if so how???

John answers:

Even though the government doesn’t issue Home loans, Ginny Mae has an excellent site with Loan and Rent versus Own Calculators and lots of information for potential home buyers.
Rent versus Own
Ginny Mae

There are a number of Government Grants available that might help you get the cash you need for a home.
The following site has some good information on how to locate and receive many of these grants.

Also, Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic now offers and assists with Social Lending

This is where a friend or family loans money and they help set up a payment plan so everyone wins. There are social lenders available who AREN’T related. There was a good interview on CNN today about this type of lending.

On this site is also some very good financial calculators.

Steven asks…

Transfering a home loan? how to?

Ok, my mortgage is with Bank or America, its a 30 year fixed at 5%. Every time I call there, they are extremely rude and disrespectful.You can never get a hold of anyone, not a good company. My only thing is I have the loan set up the way I want it with the property taxes being taken out with the loan, so I dint want to screw anything up. The payment isnt an issue I just dont like the company.

John answers:

A refinance or “re-fi” is where you take out another loan, use it to pay off the first loan and then make payments on the new loan. You need to investigate the charges associated with a new loan. Interest rates have dropped, you may be able to get a lower interest rate and make it worthwhile. You will just have to calculate this out. There are free mortgage calculators all over the place.

Remember that loans get sold between banks, too. Just because you have BoA now doesn’t mean that you will in 5 or 10 years. When we had a mortgage, it was sold 4 times in 17 years.

Donna asks…

home loan help?

i have a $300000 loan at 5.5% for 30 years so what will my total intrest be in 30 years?

John answers:

Type in your keyword search box amortization calculator and you will get the answer you need.

Sandra asks…

am i eligible for home loan, my salary is 13000rs/month, if yas then how much?

i am 24 year bachelor i want to purchase 1BHK in NCR Region

John answers:

Visit and use the loan eligibility calculator.
The link is given below

i calculated on your behalf, if the interest rate is ,say 10 %, u will be elegible for a loan between 5 to 7 lakhs. Only.

Ken asks…

i want to check summry of home loan month wise principle and intrest seprately?

John answers:

There are many mortgage loan calculators available for your use. You would need to Google for these calculators.

There are some mortgage loan calculators that might allow you to save your information for later changes, and additional information you might want to add or alter.

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


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