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Lizzie asks…

International student funding of access course?

Okay, so, basically, I’m from the US. New York.
I got accepted to do an access to higher education course at a college in the UK. I was taken out of school, to be home schooled in the 6th grade, so I have no qualifications. I wasn’t home-schooled the “correct” way. Since my parents didn’t teach me anything at all. Thus why I want to do this course, and since we really don’t have anything in the US quite like it (I want to get educated in England anyways) and I have already been to the part of England where the course is being held, I figured I’d go there. Now that I’m situating everything out with the school, I need to get funding. I do not want to wait until next year because it’ll be even more then than it is now.
I’m gonna need about $17,000 in total (including maintenance funds). I have about $2,000 saved up from my current job. I have NO idea where to look for a loan/grant or anything. I’m not really getting help from family, they don’t really know that much about loans them-self or rules for international things. So, I HAVE looked on google, so please don’t tell me to because I’ve already been well abusing it. I just would like some help from people who have used/applied for loans and such. What kind of loan should I get? What kinds of questions should I ask about said loan? Please give as much information as possible as I desperately want to make this happen for myself. And yes, I can get a co-signer. That is all. C:

John answers:

I had to do it all on my own and it was a complicated process for me. First of all, now that you know you’ve been accepted to this school, you need to fill out your FAFSA if you haven’t already and hopefully this school will be on their list. My school (University of East Anglia) is on the FAFSA list so I can still get federal loans for it. Perhaps you can look on your school’s website to see if they are supported by the US government. If not, you will just have to get all private loans.

For the private loans, I would recommend Sallie Mae loans, mostly because they’re the most popular one to use for international schooling. Of course, you do have to have a co-signer, so that’s good that you’ve got that. If I were you, I would definitely add a little more money to your loan just in case you run out. I made that mistake of getting *just enough* and ended up in debt since the exchange rate changes all the time!

I have so much info on this, so if you really have any other questions, just email me–

Carol asks…

What happens with foreclosure in WA state?

We live in WA state and I want to know what happens with foreclosure here? To be more specific here is my situation:

Septmber 2005 We did an 80/20 and purchased our home new.
The morgage was sold off several times as lenders often do…
February 2008 We refinanced our 1st into and FHA loan and subordinated the 2nd.
AS of Now we are 30 days past due on our second.
On our 1st it was sold off as soon as we signed and we are with Wells Fargo and it is an FHA loan…we were 3 payments behind (shy of 90 days) and so we are now on a repayment plan where you make 3 payments and then have a baloon payment due, but you end up doing a modification after the 3rd payment to basically start your loan over. We made the first two payments of the payment plan, but have not made the 3rd and are about to break the payment plan…they told us as long as our income was more than our outcome we could requalify for a new repayment plan however talking with my husband we are considering some other options…

My husband was laid off work, and now they have him back, but it will be about a month and a half before they can put him back on salary and back into the income we are used to and back on track with our morgage, but after looking around and checking the facts we think it might be better to leave our house and rent…we know that we owe about 30K more than our home is worth with the current market…also we found several houses similar to our own but to rent we are looking at paying $1,200/month instead of the $1,800/month we are paying now and also the rental homes are in a better area and are not townhomes, but single family residents with yard and so on and also a landlord to take care of severe maintance…we are VERY clean people and have no pets and take care of things…we are not gross people. I know we will have to have a deposit and so forth and we are hoping to be able to find someone to rent to us with our credit now less than perfect due to the time my husband was laid off…but what will happen to our current home?

*Can the lender take us to court to get the difference between what we owe and what they are able to sell the house for after they foreclose on us?
*When we leave can we take the refridgerator and washer and dryer and other things we brought into the house?

(I know we will have the foreclosure on our credit for 7-10 years–I will be 30 when it comes off…we had perfect credit before this so kind of a bummer…good news is we do not need to buy another vehicle or change our insurance or look for a new job so we will have to let our credit recover back to how it was before… but with the fact that we can rent a house better than ours for about $600 less per month and not have as much maintaince to worry about it just makes more sense…especially considering that my house is worth far less than we owe now).

Please let me know if you have gone through this or you work in this industry…I know that when I searched google I found that it said both…some places said we would have to pay the difference after they sold and some said we would not…

Thanks for your time!

John answers:

Talk with your lender and try to settle in a short sale. If you can do a short sale the bank will forgive you on the negative balance. Also, if you can sell it before it gets foreclosed on, you’ll save your credit.

Lisa asks…

Need Help from Professionals furthering their Education at a Community College?

For a class that involves making a website more useable, I and other class members are being asked to redesign the student portion of my school’s website. I have been asked to cover creating a persona for two categories including professional workers returning to school.

A personas is somewhat like a profile but is composite formed by finding out about many potential real life users of the site.
Based what we find out about the average user we actually create a picture of what the person might look like, give the person(a) a name, age, a little bit about their interests, marital & family status, what brought them to the school, likes and dislikes (challenges) at school. What they look for in the community college’s website. What could the college offer the professional worker on the website that could be helpful. The persona is intended to make the designers keep the content revelant to real users by giving a point of reference.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me a bit about yourself (based on the above information) and your situation. I am looking to hear from people beween 26-35. I don’t need to know your name or location, You need not tell me what you look like. We are asked to pick random picture from google images cover that portion.

You may contact me by email if you don’t want to post on Yahoo answers.
If you want to know more about personas (this is a real web design tool). Here’s one example of a persona created by author by Alison J. Head the author of two books about usability. (Bear in mind I’m looking for something similar but student/professional worker oriented):

Greg is a local guy, 37 years old, and a busy senior loan manager for a bank in Santa Rosa, a city north of San Francisco in the heart of the wine country. He was recently divorced and has joint custody of his two young children. On weekends, Greg enjoys getting his kids out and away from the television, taking advantage of the nearby hiking trails, fishing, and canoeing available to them. When he isn’t exploring the region with his kids, he enjoys taking a girlfriend to one of the fine restaurants that are as plentiful as the vineyard patches that dot the gently rolling hills behind his home.

Greg has a certain penchant for collecting information about what is going on in the community. A self-described “constant-clipper,” Greg rips out and cubbyholes articles, events listings, and display ads. In his most recent stash were clips about Saturday’s ox roast in the Sonoma Plaza and the availability of fresh organic broccoli at the farmer’s market. But Greg’s stacks of clips only take him so far. The small shreds of torn paper often get lost or are soon outdated. He laments that there are so few sources for feeding his voracious appetite for information.

I was given the assignment the day before Thanksgiving and it’s due Monday so I can’t run around my school trying to find people who can help me. If anyone can suggest other websites to find out information about professionals workers attending community college please post a link. It can be any website.

I wish I could but the teacher wants verfiable references.

John answers:

I think you should just make up something. Just look at somebody and write the stuff down.

Richard asks…

Student finance for students that already have a non-UK undergrad?

Can students who already have an undergraduate degree from another country (i.e. who have not received any UK student finance) receive a tuition fee loan to study another (unrelated) undergrad in the UK? I have heard conflicting things about this but can’t find any definitive answers via google – would really appreciate it if people could link me to a source in their answer. FAOD the person in question is an EU citizen who has been normally resident in the UK for over three years, which means he should be able to get the same funding as a home student (disregarding the existing degree). Many thanks!

John answers:

If you are applying for 2011 and you are considered a home student then the answer is yes.

If you are applying for 2012 then the answer is that nobody knows as the relevant legislation has not yet been passed. I would hope that non-British students would not be entitled to tuition loans as it would be impossible to collect them but I fear that this would contravene EU laws.

Paul asks…

If someone is so accomplished in the military would their accomplishments (like rank) show up online?

I met this guy who told me he joined the navy right after high school. The ship he was put on the USS Vandegrift and told me that his shipboard job was an aviation mechanic. After becoming good friends with the commanding officers on board he said they chose him for search and rescue training. He apparently became one of the top swimmers in the ‘western fleet’. Then after a little while doing that he said he injured his arm and couldn’t go on any more missions. His commanding officer buddies then sent him to sniper school in Virginia ‘on loan with the army’ where he killed 27 individuals including drug cartels in South America. He had a bunch of medals including 3 naval achievements and pressed uniforms. He chose to leave the navy in 2010 due to personal reasons but he is ’on call’ with the Coast Guard. He told me a story that the Coast Guard if needed can land near his home to take him on a rescue. He went on to tell me that once they came out, picked him up and went on a rescue mission where someone had died. Lastly his apparent pay grade when he got out of the navy was E5.………….when you google his name nothing shows up other than the rank of Seamen’s apprentice in 2007. No mention of the mission he went on where the individual perished. You’d think that if he did all that his name would be traceable right? I know nothing about the military and how it works but this seems way too much. Is that even possible?

John answers:

While not everything about a soldier will show up on line I will tell you this RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN FROM THIS GUY !!!! He is 100% full of shit the Navy is not going to lend the army snipers the Army has Snipers and MR Rambo here does not get picked up by the coast guard and sent off to far away land to do covert operations . This guy is nothing more then a waanbe . In 25 years of service i have learned one thing . Those with the biggest tails of heroizim 99% of the time are the ones most full of shit

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