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Mandy asks…

Didn’t the media and the Democratic party do to the American public the same thing Hitler?

did to the german in his rise to power? He instilled hate with out any basis and that is the same thing that the media and the Democratic party has done to Bush by laying this economic melt down on the Bush policies when truly knowledgeable people know that it was quite simple. The liberal pushed and threatened bank and lenders to make loans to low and no income people and that was the basis now to prove my point Obama and the Democrats are proposing to pay the loans so the people do not lose their homes. Google who the majority of people are that are losing their homes are.

John answers:

No, that would have been Bush, he would not permit anyone to say anything about his wrongdoings. If they brought it up they were out! He has ruined this nation. There is no comparison
The problem is the banks have run amuck and are stealing legallly from people and it is also a crime that the housing industry is not dead beats but banks that will not cooperate with people for repayment, cause they know they will be bailed out. Hard ot pay a mortgage when one has no job!

Maria asks…

legal advice, Options than going to jail with my felony ? tells my case.
Daniel J Chester 8/9/1987

My lawyer they are offering me 150days plus 90 on top. drop battery charges IF I PLEA. BUT WHAT IM TRULY BEING CHARGE ON ARE THESE CASE
google( Ca penal code 484(a)-487(a) )
487(a) PC f (ol)=F grand theft, 150 jail time
484(a)-488 PC (ol)=M petty theft. 90 jail time
this case started 3/11/08 and been pending i go back court 10/16/08
first time defendant for crime
community service/work- ?qualification. can i apply with my case
work release- i have a great job.qualification? can i apply with my case
any other and with my case can i apply

I am working a great job and got a loan to get a home. I don’t want to go to Jail. I feel as my lawyer is not helping. he was paid cause family friend. he ask me what i want to do and i told him i want no jail time for my reason my last name is Chester. in jail i dont want to be mistaken as a child melistor. which (last year the jail there sending me to there was a stabing for a mistake of a child melistor. i also dont want jail for my job is something i wont get again with a felony

BASICALLY my question is
1.can i change the felony they gave me to a misdemeanors
2. what Opiton other than jail could i do to drop case or programs to take

John answers:

The only way your case can be reduced to a misdemeanor is by negotiations with the state Attorney, during the plea bargaining your attorney could pursue probation, periodic confinement, (where you only serve time on the weekend and could work during the week) other options would be community service, a fine and work release if the only option is confinement, all of these would require approval by the state attorney and in court by the judge.~

Joseph asks…

Down Payment Assistance Programs for CONVENTIONAL LOANS ONLY?? For Georgia Residents?

I am a first time home buyer and have been approved for a conventional loan. I found a condo that I like and can afford but I need 5% of the loan which is 5000 for my down payment. I decided not to do FHA for various reasons and every down payment assistance programs I google seem to be for FHA. Does anyone know any down payment assistance programs for conventional loans that will assist me? I buying a condo in Atlanta, Georgia?
Let me clear any speculation…I can afford the loan I was just uninformed that it requires more money for a down payment of a conventional loan. Secondly, I saved some money with the initially intent with FHA in mind but since the loan has change I need a little more money in a short period of time.

John answers:

1. Why are you buying a house right now if you can’t afford it? Seems like you’d have saved up for a while in anticipation of this. If you don’t have enough for a down payment, you don’t have enough for the rest of the crap their going to slap you with after you sign either.. You say you need 5k.. You really need a minimum of 10k………

2. Try to get a loan from peer to peer lenders. Basically people go on there and bid on loan requests and fight over them to get you the best rates.. MULTIPLE people fund a loan, but you pay it back as lump sums over time.. I really can’t explain it… Just go to the site and check it out for yourself. I’ve used it and it works. I got $25,000… I’m not affiliated with the site in any way shape or form.

That’s probably your best option… Get a personal loan for about 10k and pay off that 5k downpayment, then have 5k for the rest of the shit you’ll need to pay for.

I wish you luck

Steven asks…

I have about $16,000 in debt. Should I use a debt consolidation agency?

So I have (altogether) about $16,000 in credit debt between 2 credit cards and a line of credit with BECU credit union. Total each month my monthly minimum payments total about $400. I can make the minimum payments no problem and can usually pay a little bit more though not much. Between my other bills, gas and having a little extra money to have a life with I can usually pay an extra $50-$100 total each month.

My BECU payment is about $150 a month (with a little over 10% interest). I also have a mastercard payment of $145 a month and an AmEx payment of $90 a month (both 14-15% interest).

Is it worth it for me to contact a debt consolidation agency (a co-worker of mine uses Care One Credit and she says they’ve helped her), and if so what is the best one to work with? Or am I better off just making my payments and paying what little extra I can, whenever I can? I don’t really have the option of getting a consolidation loan as I do not own a home and my vehicle is not worth much at all (still runs great though).

I did a google search on Care One Credit and found a lot of talk about them not really helping people and in some cases making it worse but my co-worker swears they have helped reduce her debt from $4000 down to a little over $1000 in less than 2 years.

John answers:

Debt consolidation firms have you deliberately default on your credit cards to settle for less. When you use such a firm, the monthly payment you make is going towards their settlement fees and to build a settlement account. Their fees are taken out first. Your credit cards will not be paid and will go into complete default during this process, which ruins your credit rating. This is deliberate so that they can attempt settlements for 50%.

People signing up with debt settlement firms often have the mistaken impression that their creditors will gladly work with such companies..or that they are obligated to accept settlements. You can never predict how your creditors will respond..they might settle at 50%…or they might serve you a summons, take you to court…and if they win, you could be looking at wage garnishment. If the process fails you can end up in a much worse financial situation.

Here’s an example of what can happen when you use a debt settlement firm:

If you’re struggling with credit card debt and you’ve exhausted all self help options, then there are really only 2 options: Entering a debt management plan through a non profit credit counseling firm like NFCC or filing for Chapter 7. NFCC can negotiate reduced payments and interest but NOT settlements. Referral at: – If this does not work out, the other option is Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

David asks…

I think my parents are getting divorced what should I do?

My parents fight every once and a while, but it usually ends with my dad walking out and comming home the next day and everything slowly goes back to normal. The last time they fought, my mom threw a glass bowl at my dad, chipping a bone in his arm. There was fruit being thrown and I was sure that was the end. A few weeks later (today) they fought again but this time it was different. They yelled and screamed and broke things and my dad left when a suitcase. Before leaving, me and my 11 year old brother caught him looking up “divorce” on google and looking for loans. I also have twin 3 year old sisters who watch as they fight. Most of the time they fight about my sisters, because they are alot of work. I dont know what to do about it, im worried about my sisters and brother about what they will grow up to be like watching this happen infront of there eyes. I am 16 and I understand these things but I think this is the end of the line for my parents. Im worried about how this will affect the hollidays, and school for me and my brother. any advice is greatly appreciated i could use it. thanks..

John answers:

It sounds like that your parents may be better off apart than they are together and when parents stick it out for the kids it makes it harder on the kids sometimes and it isnt good for anyone. Hopefully your parents love all of you enough that they will take all your needs and wants into consideration and will make it as easy as possible for everyone. It is going to be really hard esp after reality sets in more and more. Just be there for your parents and your siblings the best that you can and try to help out your parents with you siblings. I am sorry, i was 19 when my parents divorsed and even being an adult it has been one of the hardest things to go through. Hang in there

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