Your Questions About Google Home Loan

Ruth asks…

How do I stop the internet from redirecting me to different sites when im surfing the internet?

When I’m looking for things on google and i click on a link it redirects me to some home loan site and its starting to piss me off, does anyone no how to stop this???
i have a spywear installed but how do i configure the internet options to block redirection

John answers:

You are probably infected with a browser hijacker. Try this guide – it might be the easiest way to deal with your problem:

You might need to make an account to get at some of the things you are meant to look at/use – I was running through it on one of our computers the other day and noticed that some of the files seem to be member login only. Obviously I’ve always been logged in when I’ve been going through it before. (I go through it for various friends’ computers.) Membership is free and there are no catches. It’s a well run site.

David asks…

Obama Joins Dodd and Kent in Discounted Home Loans?

I just saw this today. Of course, now that this is happening to the wonderful Obamessiah, it’s going to be downplayed and discounted by every Democrat on the hill and every liberal in America.

However, seeing as how America is suffering through a home loan crisis right now, will the news of high ranking political official getting sweetheart deals on loans create a problem with voting Americans?
Well, I really don’t want to drag this into the discussion, but “many Republicans” isn’t really technically true. There has only been one identified Republican that was involved in discounted home loans and he is an ex-Bush cabinet member.

John answers:

Lots of Republicans got sweetheart deals.

Humans aren’t perfect. Get over it.

Nancy asks…

Clinton created sub-prime home loans, what will Obama createt?

Burning Down The House: What Caused Our Economic Crisis? V2

YouTube – Shocking Video Unearthed Democrats in their own words Covering up the Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac Scam that caused our Economic Crisis

John answers:

That’s the dumbest thing I’ve seen today.

Charles asks…

Do you know of any good unsecured loan lenders for people with less than perfect credit?

I am 21, full time employed and have little credit history. I have a loan for my car but no credit cards or overdrafts.

I have been trying to find a loan of around £1500 over 2 years for home improvements and to pay off my council tax annual bill, but have had my fingers burnt with a broker whom i paid £50 to and got guaranteed a loan only to find the lender needs a guarantor which the broker promised would not be required.

I would like to go direct to a lender, but only seem to be able to find brokers via google.

I have an experian credit score of 757. Do you know of any lenders who have a smooth process?

Many thanks

John answers:

Normally the best place to start is with your own bank.
They are able to assess how much is going in and coming out and very ofter you’ll have a better credit rating with them than with anyone else.

Your own bank is usually more personal and if there are any difficulties with repayments are generally more open and flexible…unlike loan companies who can become demanding despite any difficulties you may have.

What you have to watch out with loan companies who deal with “Not so good” credit ratings is your interest rate…Do you really want a rate that is 29.9% and sometimes even higher???

Some of these companies can repair a dodgy credit rating if it’s not so good…Other companies will look at how your managed with such a high interest and if you’ve managed to repay the loan without defaulting..It usually makes you a stronger candidate for a future loan with not so high an interest rate.

One thing to think about though when looking for a loan is how often you apply.
If you apple to different companies for a loan in a short space of time, it makes you look desperate and lowers your credit rating even further…applying to often lowers your rating if it’s not too good, it could get worse.

Mary asks…

Accepted for loan/house hunting /good bargain?(picture included)?

My mom got approved for a $105.000 loan from wells Fargo bank.
They told her she could start looking for a home even is it cost more then $105.00 because they could negotiate the price lower .especially sense in our city the houses have drooped price dramatically.
Last year in hour neighborhood there was a house for sale at $140.000 and this year it went down to $110.000 and now it is sold.Now My mom has been looking for houses from $105.000 to $110.000
but is it possible to find a house that could be higher then $110.000 but lower then $120.000 and negotiate the price?Has anybody found a good bargain for a home?I know it wont be easy for my mom or myself sense I have been helping her also looking for a home but i think its worth a chance to ask if they will be willing to negotiate the price if they dont then thats fine also
what do you think?

example this home is nice and has 4 bedrooms and 2.5 bath
and got sold for 100.005
usually the houses for that amount are not nice
what should we do to find a bargain like this
(ps:i used Google to look at the house because it has no photos on the website
you may do so as well)

John answers:

Melly I suggest you get your Mom a Realtor who will help her find the right house. Realtor’s have access to finding about the really good deals the moment they come on the market and the really good deals get snatched very quickly. When a buyer has a Realtor it doesn’t cost the buyer anything more when they buy a property listed by another agent plus they can help with the negotiations and help your Mom with all the legal stuff. If Mom is really busy you could be the person on point to receive the emails of possible houses that you and Mom could make arrangements to go see with the Realtor and see a bunch all on the same day. The local Realtor will also be the best person how flexible the price of each house will be. I am willing to bet that in this price range you can get at least a 5% discount from the sellers asking price. But don’t forget, buying a house is not just about price. You also have to consider many other things like the neighborhood and condition. Good Luck

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