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Michael asks…

How much will Madden 2009 be at Frys?

I know it comes out Tuesday but I never saw this weekend’s Frys ad here in NorCal. Does anyone know if Frys or another major retailer will offer discounts on release day? Or is it all full price? Thanks.
Last year Frys had it for $10 less than everyone else the week it came out. Any such sales this year?

John answers:





Maria asks…

Can anyone tell me everything they know about raising peacock cichlid frys?

Please. Like how long should they be in a different tank and when should the parents leave the children and all that
They already had kids, and we’re getting a new tank right now.
would a 20 gallon tank be good for the fry?
There is 3 fry that we know of.

John answers:

Generally with most any African fry, you want to put them in a seperate tank IF you are trying to breed them. If you are not trying to breed them, then do not seperate the mothers when carrying. Most all Africans, though not all, but most, are maternal mouth brooders.

It’s generally best, if you are going to continue to breed whatever species you have, to isolate any females you find holding eggs, to their own tank. What happens with a mouthbrooder, is she will not eat while the eggs are incubating. This is generally a time frame of 3 weeks. If you leave the female in the main tank, a couple things will probably occur.

One is that most of the fry are going to get eaten. The mothers will not target them, some will give some small maternal care ie, allowing them back into her mouth after free swimming, but most won’t. Males do not regard thier offspring as offspring. They see another fish that can fit in thier mouth, and to them, it’s a food source. Isolating the carrying female assures higher fry survival rates.

The second thing is, leaving the female in the main tank after she spit the fry, leaves her weak. She didn’t eat for the last three weeks. The male again, couldn’t care less and will always be after her to spawn on sight. Spawning again without recovering is liable to kill the female. Isolating the female again, helps higher fry survive and allows your female time to recover. Leave her in a seperate tank with the fry for a couple weeks before puttting her back in the main tank.

Fry growing out in tanks, there is no set time to allow them in the main tank. Some will grow faster then others. These generally will be males. I’d estimate anywhere from 2-3 months in a seperate tanks gives you a good chance of growing them out. As a whole, don’t put fry in the main tank if they can be swallowed. If they are grown enough to not be swallowed, they can be put in then.


I generally use a 20 and a 15 myself. I breed several species of Mbuna Africans. You can use a 15 or 20 gallon tank for about a month or 2 but depends alot on how many fry you are talking about. Consider isolating females in the future. One strong indicator a female would be holding is look at the throat area. This is where the eggs sit. It will appear to be enlarged and bulky. Females that are carrying will refuse to eat as well. You need to watch close. They will move in on food, but not actually eat that. They will mimic eating food but not actually eat.

James asks…

How much would it cost to buy a Macbook Pro at Frys 13 inch cheapest one after tax?

I was trying to look online
but I need to put in a credit card to see tax.
Can anyone check the tax and full price without shipping for me?

John answers:

You didn’t include a zip code to be able to check your tax and shipping. Use a comparison shopping site to check for the best pricing including tax and freight for a Macbook Pro. It does not require a credit card or any identification. I’ve included two links to help you. The first is for all 13 inch Macbook Pro’s (42 total found). The second is the detail page for a Macbook Pro. Click on any of them and put in your zip code to see pricing including tax and freight. Click on the “Go To Store” button of the one you choose to see the details.

Macbook Pro

Macbook MC233LLA

Lizzie asks…

How Long Do I Keep My Frys Isolated?

I have a ten gallon tank with two platys (one male, one female), a balloon belly molly, and a sucker-fish… my platys had two babies so they are kept in a fry container inside the big tank. how long do i keep them in there until they are safe to swim with the ‘big’ fish?

John answers:

Basically you need to keep them separated until they are too large to fit in the other fishes mouths.


George asks…

does frys electronics sell the japanese import game of initial d special stage for ps2?

i was wondering if frys electronics sell initial d for ps2. do they?

John answers:

I think they only carry english games and not imported.

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