Your Questions About Frys

Donald asks…

i want to buy a macbook pro at frys because of there financing?

how does there financing work? just curious?

do i open a frys card and then pay monthly?

John answers:

Why wouldn’t you call Fry’s and ask?
We can all guess, but that doesn’t make it correct!
More than likely you would have to apply for their in store credit card, but that is just a guess or hunch.

David asks…

How to Convict cichlids fish frys?

I just noticed some eggs and small frys flapping their wings. Looks like my convict cichlids are having babies. I am moving tomorrow to a different city. Originally I planned to put the fish in bags to move them. Now what is the best way to save the frys and the eggs and how can I move them carefully?

John answers:

The fry will most likely not survive any moves. I tried moving some baby eartheaters by carefully sucking up the fry into a bag with a piece of airline tubing. But they all died within a couple hours.

You can try putting the rock or whatever the eggs were laid on into a bag, but without the parents fanning them, they will all die.

But the good news is, you have a breeding pair of convicts. Nothing will stop them from spawning again. :)

Richard asks…

what time do people start lining up for black friday sales at frys?

what time do they start lining up for the black friday sale at the frys in fremont, ca

John answers:

I was in line at 4am last year, at the city of industry location. I’ll be there at 5 this year.

Mary asks…

when do you start feeding convict cichlid frys?

okay so i have like 2female and 1male in a tank. before i knew it 1female already were gathering frys and now the other female has laid eggs on the wall of the tank. the male ditched the first female for the other one. and my question is when should i feed the fries. i have brine shrimp ready and small crushed flakes…

John answers:

I dont believe 2 females and 1 male is a good combo for the tank… But ok, whatever.
You want to feed them after they start free swimming. Because up until this point, they feed off their yolk sack. Crushed flake food should be fine for them.

Steven asks…

is it good if i feed newly hatched frys frozen brine shrimps?

my bettas were spawning and now they have eggs. im wondering if frozen brine shrimps are good to feed the betta frys right after they hatch because i can’t seem to find microworms.

John answers:

Most of the fry will be too small to eat the newly hatch brine shrimp – at best, you shouldn’t start feeding these until the fry have been free-swimming for about a week, and by then, they need something else for food.

You could make an infusoria culture, but this takes about a week to do. You would add a lettuce leaf to a large (quart size or larger) jar, along with boiling water. When the water cools, add some of the “gunk” from the bottom of the tank, and wait for the water to get cloudy – these are the things your fry would eat. But if you already have eggs, you won’t get a very mature culture in the time you have.

Do you have another tank with gravel? You might be able to transfer some of the gravel (along with some gravel siphonings) and place it along the sides of the tank with the fry, but you don’t need to do this until a few days after the eggs hatch – the fry won’t eat until they start to swim, at which point you should remove the male from the tank.

In the future, you might want to get a culture of microworms or vinegar eels (you’ll almost need to buy either of these online, or get them from another hobbiest) ahead of time, and have them ready before you put your bettas together to spawn.

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