Your Questions About Frys

Thomas asks…

How to make healthy sweet potato frys?

I stick to a very healthy diet and always have sweet potatos in my dinner.. But i’m SICK of just eating it from the potato baked. I eat it plain so is there a way i could make sweet potato frys that are baked in healthy?

John answers:

Mmmm, yes! I make sweet potato fries all the time.

Here’s what you do:

-Take a medium sweet potato and cut into wedges (sometimes I cut them into disc shapes, that works too)

-place sweet potato wedges in a small bowl with 1T olive oil and a little salt. I also like to sometimes add a drizzle of honey and/or cinnamon for a little sweetness. Toss it all together until sweet potatos are well coated.

-place on a greased cookie sheet and bake in the oven at 400* for 45min, flipping halfway through.

-Enjoy! I like to dip mine in ketchup or with some greek yogurt and cinnamon. Yum!

Michael asks…

Does frys or bestbuy do discounts on laptops during black friday holliday?

I want to buy a new laptop but someone told me to wait till black friday. If frys or bestbuy do discounts in laptops during black friday, how much is a discount generally?

John answers:

Best Buy has great deals on laptops that are usually several hundred dollars of on Black Friday.

However, here’s the kicker. You need to be at the store at probably 9pm the night before in order to get a good spot in line, or the good ones will be gone.

Good luck!


Sandy asks…

If my female Guppy gives birth, will the Frys get sucked away in the current of the filter?

Will the Filter suck up the Frys, and will they die?

John answers:

It depends. Some might be strong enough to escape the current and others wont. Try getting a filter powered by an air pump. Those filters carry water up by air bubbles and that does not create so much suction. I am currently using one. Its a whisper 3i for my 2 gallon breeding tank

Jenny asks…

How much does Frys charge for “wiping” or reformating a computer?

My computer has got a virus, and i heared that “wiping” a computer can get rid of that. that being said how much does frys charge for doing a service like this, if does it at all?

John answers:

Why don’t you just restore it with a recovery cd

Daniel asks…

Can i work in safeway or frys when im 15 in phoenix?

im almost 15 and i want some extra cash.i live near a safeway and a frys and would like to see if i could apply for a job.also does anyone know how much i would get paid.

John answers:

Yes you can work at 15 BUT you need a work permit to work in this state if you are under 16. A lot of places were hiring people that were not 16 and were getting fined for violating child labor laws.

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