Your Questions About Fox News

Thomas asks…

What has FOX News actually done to deserve the treatment they are getting from the Obama Admin?

Since when is telling the truth become such an awful thing?
They have been accused of spreading lies but no one has been able to prove it…and you know it is not from lack of trying.
FOX News is doing what they are supposed to do…investigating the people that Obama has surrounded himself with and investigating Obama…why is that a bad thing?
Why is it so difficult for some people to understand this? Calling someone a liar is different than proving someone is a liar.

John answers:

Truth IS an awful and fearsome thing to deceivers!
And Freedom of Speech is a threat to communist thinking and agendas!
Therein lies your answer! :)

Nancy asks…

How did Fox news function last time the democrats were in power?

So it’s no secret Fox news is a right winged bias network, but as i was too young to remember from the last time the democrats were in power, i’m curious how the network spoke of the government at the time and how much power their opinions really have over the people. What did they have to say about Clinton etc…

Any insight would be great !
I’d also be interested to know what people think they might be like towards the new democratic govt.


John answers:

I did not know this until you asked this question but I guess Fox News wasn’t carried nationally until 2001. So, I guess we don’t know what they were like before Bush. Hannity and Colmes was on at the beginning though, in 1997 and so was O’Reilly. So I think the smaller version of FN was pretty much the same as it is now. It was fun reading this stuff. I guess Ted Turner put up quite the stink about letting Fox News onto Time Warner Cable. LOL. I think I love Ted Turner now.

Mark asks…

Why does Fox News not hold there Anchors Responsible for making BiPartisan donations to people they interview?

They don’t even tell the viewer that they donated to the canidate they are interviewing and trying to make them look better then liberals?

Shouldn’t hannity be held to the same standards as MSBC Keith Olbermann who was suspended for donating to canidates?

OR is fox news spinning republican stuff fine an unbalanced and unfair and bad for politics?

John answers:

They have no standards.

Michael asks…

Can we take FOX News seriously after they refused to broadcast the president’s news conference?

FOX News did not broadcast President Obama’s news conference on Wednesday night. How unprofessional is that? Whatever they think of the president or his policies, he is still the president and his press conferences are newsworthy. I do not remember CNN or MSNBC ever failing to broadcast one of Bush’s talks — the informal ones as well as the press conferences at the White House.

FOX is acting like a spoiled child, pouting and stamping its feet because it didn’t get its way in the last election.

John answers:

First make no mistake, I am a huge Obama fan.

However I have been complaining for years that the networks should take turns with these press conferences, no real reason to have the same thing on all the stations. I mean CBS, NBC, ABC, and the other little networks. Admittedly it was because I could not stand watching or listening to Bush, but the principle is valid and I think applies to all presidents.

Cable News is another story however. One would think that Cable News should cover all of these. To be clear, was it the Fox tv channel that didn’t cover or the Fox Cable News channel? Fox tv I could care less but Fox Cable News should be covering it.

Sharon asks…

why did fox news wait until a republican was attacked to report heavily on the violence?

i’ve been watching fox news for 4 days straight and while other networks talked about the violence and threats fox didn’t even mention it. i wonder why all of a sudden they are talking about it. It’s funny because oreilly tonight was talking about this republican guy. i know oreilly talked about the racial slurs but no one on fox talked about the violence.

John answers:

I think you might be talking about Eric Cantor from Virginia, who reported a bullet fired through his office window. And the thing about that is, the Richmond police said that it was a stray bullet. So fox news thinks they have an instance of violence against a republican, but it’s really just an accident. But to answer your question, fox news has a problem with calling many of these people what they are. Domestic Terrorists. These people are using threats of violence to get their way, but fox news insists on calling them “patriots”. Just another reason they are fake news and not fox news.

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