Your Questions About Fox News

Thomas asks…

Why is Fox News giving free media exposure to a couple of class clowns?

A few idiots decide to play retro over an ancient, long ago defunct organization(the surviving founding members of the original black panthers issued a joint statement declaring there was no such thing as a ‘new’ black panthers) and Fox News gives them tons of free media exposure. They’re a nothing/nobody posse that doesn’t matter to anyone. Don’t they know the class clown acts up because he *wants* the attention?

John answers:

Don’t worry about it. The news is slow lately. And the fourteen year old Conservatives are just having fun stoking racial tensions.

George asks…

How is Fox news channel 1st in the ratings?

According to the polls, avery small percentage of Americans identify themselves as Republicans, much less as “right wingers”. So how can it be that Fox News leads in the TV ratings?

John answers:

Fox News is the only channel for right wing republicans, whereas liberals tune into many different cable news channels, MSNBC, CNN, etc. So lets say you’ve got 25 republicans and 75 liberals. Those 25 all watch Fox. But 20 liberals watch MSNBC, 20 watch CNN, 20 watch CNBC, and 15 watch PBS. Who wins? Fox. While the other stations divide up a large group, FOX brings one smaller group together in one place. Make sense?

John asks…

How does Fox news continually scoop the other networks?

Fox news always seems to have the stories before, sometimes weeks before, the other networks. How do they do it?

John answers:

I have no idea, but I like their coverage. They truly do try to be fair and balanced. Incidentally, they are the top rated Cable TV News channel in our nation today. They beat out all the others. They obviously are well liked.

Mandy asks…

Why do people that watch Fox News refuse to accept the fact that Fox News is biased?

How can so many people be misled by a news channel which claims to be fair and balanced. Fox News is always attacking Obama and Democrats but not saying anything about the other side. What Fox News is doing is they’re linking him with a loaded image of a horrible president if not the worst in U.S history.

John answers:

At least they are honest~

Robert asks…

If I stop watching Fox News will Obama become a good President?

If you ask “how can we afford Obama’s health plan?” liberals will tell you to stop watching Fox News. If you criticize anything about Obama liberals will tell you to stop watching Fox News. So if I stop watching Fox News will Obama just go away already? I’ll take that deal to save the country!

John answers:

What they really want you to do is to stop learning and hearing factual information.

They would prefer that you you tune into msm, cnn or msnbc so that you only hear the white house talking points and liberal spin.

They would be joyous if you subscribed to the huffington post, and media matters. You get bonus points for joining the dsa, cpusa and then, only then will 0bama become a good president.

You will be rewarded with a lifetime supply of fruit punch Kool Aid!

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