Your Questions About Forever 21

Lisa asks…

How long does the store Forever 21 take to ship?

Today is Monday and I need to buy something from Forever 21 and I need it by Friday. I might order it tomorrow, it all depends. But anyway, will it get here by Friday? I need it at like 5:00 pm and my Fed-Ex/Mailman comes by my house at like noon.
Thank You so much in advance!

OH and if you know, how much is shipping for like either 2 or 3 items?

John answers:

They are based out in Ontario… But where do you live?? I live in chino and get stuff in like 2-3 days. You also get free shipping with any orders over $75.00… I order from them a lot can you tell?

John asks…

How do i keep my forever 21 jewelry from fading?

I buy a lot of my jewelry from forever 21…however it always tends to fade. I just bought a gold necklace from there yesterday and i would like to keep it that color. What should i do?

John answers:

Ahhh I love forever 21!
I’m not overly sure if this would help, but if you painted it with clear nail polish, you know the kind that has UVA/UVB sun protectants in it..
I think that may stop the sun from fading the jewelery it you paint it carefully you would never be able to tell it’s there! And if it doesn’t work out, you can always remove it!
Good luck=)


Mark asks…

How long do stores like Forever 21 keep their clothes on the website?

I was looking online for some cute dresses to wear to my next dance,
and I found a whole bunch of dresses that I really like from Forever 21, delia’s, and Wet Seal.
My question is, will I be able to buy these dresses before my dance, or will they already be off the website and out of stores by then?
My dance is in March or April I believe.
Thank youuu!

John answers:

You should be okay. If your dance is in March, you should try and get the dress by Feb., usually stores move their merchandise a month or two before the next season. Try eModa for dresses, they have unique ones, usually seen in Seventeen Magazine and People. They have better clothes then Delia’s, especially if you go to the clearance section. Here is a link. Good Luck with your Dance.

Maria asks…

Are the prices at a forever 21 in a mall different than the forever 21 on michigan avenue?

I know the tax is more expensive, but are the general prices still the same at the forever 21 on michigan avenue in chicago?

John answers:

Besides sales tax, you will pay a lot for parking unless you take public transportation. Why not make a day of it with lunch and other shopping if you go.

Paul asks…

How to find cute stuff on the forever 21 website & in the store?

I get so overwhelmed when trying to look through the clothes at forever 21 online and in the store because there is just SOO many clothes! What is a way I can find the stuff I am looking for without searching forever?

John answers:

Don’t search online , you can’t try it . Go to the store and you can try the clothes and see which fits you the best .

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