Your Questions About Forever 21

Ruth asks…

Where is the best Forever 21 to visit in Orlando, Florida?

I’m planning on visiting Orlando in early march, and was wondering which is the best Forever 21 to visit and why? Also we won’t have a car, since we’re flying in. But we’re staying on international drive so i know we could take a bus or trolley to the prime outlets. But my parents said it’s possible that we would take a taxi to one of the malls.

John answers:

The one at Prime outlets on International Drive is huge! They had so much room for everything there plus the outlets are great – Betsey Johnson had dresses down from $400 to $75!
Otherwise, the one at Florida Mall sucks but the Florida Mall is a pretty decent mall.
Hope this helps

William asks…

Is Forever 21 an expensive store? Who are considered to be their competitors?

I saw forever 21 at the mall today for the first time. Was wondering if they are expensive and in what category they are in. Are they like an abercrombie. Who would they be in competition with?

John answers:

No, it is very inexpensive actually. The irony in it is that their stuff is super cute and looks like stuff you could find at the designer shops like urban outfitters, cache, express, etc. I’ve gotten shirts on sale for as low as 5 dollars. At most, their shirts will be 25-30 dollars. The other thing is their accessories, they are super cute & look like finds from a boutique. Seriously, ive found cool necklaces for 4 dollars & their necklaces never usually exceed 8 dollars. I have found interesting pieces such as a rhinestone sparrow, an owl pendant, a giant rhinestone bow, a sunglasses pendant, and many more. All under 7 dollars. Their competetors or stores just like forever 21 are charlotte russe and wetseal- cute stuff for cheap. However, i think forever 21 carries styles that are more unique and european. Oh yeah, h&m compares as well. Hope this helps.



Mark asks…

What is the biggest Forever 21 in chicago?

Okay so, I want to go to the biggest forever 21 in chicago Illinois. I’ve been to the one in gurnee, and it’s big, but everything is not organized, so it’s very overwhelming, and I end up not finding much of anything. I want to know the biggest forever 21, that’s well organized, and not over flowing.

John answers:

The on on Michigan Avenue is huge and has 3 levels of clothing and even a small men’s section. It has more clothes than I have ever seen in one place.

Thomas asks…

What Forever 21 is closest to Times Square?

I’m visiting New York City this March, and we don’t have Forever 21 where I live. It’s my favorite store, and I know there’s many in New York City. It’s a school trip so I don’t want to wander too far off looking for it, and I don’t know how the streets there work. I’m staying in Times Square, so what would be the nearest Forever 21 in the area?

John answers:

34th st on 6th Ave (or Ave of the Americas) no one calls it that though
(address)50 W 34th St, New York, NY? – (212) 564-2346

thats the closest you will get cuz times sq is 42nd ish

Laura asks…

How to return something at forever 21 if it is late?

I really need to return something in forever 21!!!
Please tell me how to return this item.
It is past 30 days. Do i come in without the receipt?

John answers:

Well its one thing for you to return it after 30 days, but to come w.o the receipt, makes it worse. You have to have the receipt and if you dont you cant. Really, you cant.

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