Your Questions About Forever 21

Linda asks…

When does forever 21 receive their new arrival shipment?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone might know when forever 21 gets their shipment in with new arrivals to the store? I live in Louisiana, so any employees if possible. Thanks!

John answers:


Sandra asks…

How long is the shipping time for Forever 21?

I just ordered some items today from Forever 21 and I don’t know how long it takes. I don’t want to wait forever so how long has yours taken to get to your house, if you bought from Forever 21?

John answers:

It depends. I usually get mine stuff 4-6 days after I order it! I’ve only ordered from them 2 times, but they usually come the same week you order them.

William asks…

What is the avg pay for sales associates at forever 21?

I live in Florida & a new store is opening in my city. I have a current job (the pay is lousy) & i just want to know if leaving my current job for Forever 21 would be a good idea..? Overall, i think i’ll like Forever 21 better but I still really want to know about the pay.

John answers:

$10-12 Not much more.

Betty asks…

How much do assistant managers make at Forever 21?

I am likely to be hired at Forever21 this week. I’ve been out of a job since June. I would be making the same that I am on unemployment however I have potential to work up the ladder at Forever 21. So I am thinking about taking the job. What is it like there? Do you know how much Assistant Managers make there?

John answers:

I worked at forever 21 for about a year as a sales associate, and started at at $8.50 per hour in oregon in which minimum wage is $7.95.

The company gives you an evaluation every 6 months and gives you up to a %6 raise each time you are evaluated. So when i quit i was at $8.93

assistant managers start around $10.00 – $11.00 depending on experience

they only give you a 10% discount which sucks, there is hardly a break room, customers are b*tchy, and it will take you about a year to move up to assistant manager depending on your age, and whether the manager even likes you or not.

And the store is HELL during the holiday season.
Good luck with that.

Let me kno if u have any more questions…

Maria asks…

How can you become a model for Forever 21?

I heard that one of the younger Kadashian sisters, who is 14, became a model in a Forever 21 add. I’m turning 14 this year, and I was just wondering if anyone in the business knows how to apply? Thanks for your concern!

John answers:

Lol, you don’t “apply” to be a model. You need to build a portfolio, which means networking with stylists and photographers and doing photo shoots for free. To get quality stuff, (and a good photographer who has a large network) this is obviously going to cost you big $$$. You can however start on a much smaller scale such as You would also need to audition/interview and get signed to an agency. And they’re the ones who would be responsible for marketing you and potential clients (i.e- Forever 21) would go through your agency to decide if they wanted to use you.

Being a model is a lot of work and incredibly hard. Unless this is your passion, I suggest you focus on being young and having fun right now.

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