Your Questions About Forever 21

George asks…

How long after Forever 21 orientation does one have to wait for the work schedule?

I recently had an orientation with Forever 21 last monday. They said it will take about 3 or 5 days or at most a week to do the background check and then schedule. It been more than a week. I called one and they said they haven’t get the schedule yet. So should I call again? Is this the norm?

John answers:

I could see it taking a couple of weeks. You should call back and ask when the new schedule comes out.

Helen asks…

How much does Forever 21 pay their assistant managers?

Do you know how much Forever 21 pays their assistant managers? Have you ever worked for Forever 21 before?

John answers:

It depends on your states minimum wage laws. In Michigan, the associates get paid $7.40 and the assistant managers get $1 more. So if you lived in Michigan you would be getting paid around $8.40ish to start.

Lisa asks…

What is a store related to Forever 21? And What are some tips for shopping at Forever21?

When I can find a top there it’s super cute, but it’s so hard to shop there because it’s not very organized.
So… What are some tips for shopping at Forever 21 and What are some stores related to Forever 21?

Thank you so much!

John answers:

You’re right. That store IS unorganized. In fact, I wouldn’t recommend shopping there at ALL. They have a no-returns policy and their clothes are CHEAP – I’ve bought clothing from them – it doesn’t last long without something ripping or breaking off. And the sales people are NOT sympathetic to customers with defective merchandise. I’m sure that everyone who has shopped there has bought at least ONE defective item. Their store is terrible. H&M has better quality with the same styles – even better.

Ruth asks…

What’s the difference between Forever 21 and XXI Forever?

They’re opening an XXI Forever at my local mall but they already have a Forever 21 there. What’s the difference? This is a serious question so please no like immature answers like they’re both crappy stores or something I really want to know thanks!

John answers:

There is no differnce its all forever 21. Forever 21 has like 8 names all sold in ofrever 21 stores, like heritage 21, love 21 forever 21. Its all the same thing slightly differnt but can be found in forever 21 stores

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Sandy asks…

How long would it take Forever 21 to ship my shoulder bag?

How long would it take Forever 21 to ship my shoulder bag?

I paid for standard shipping, and it said it would come in 5 – 10 days.

Does anyone have an exact number on how many days it would take?
I did try to track my order, but it couldn’t find it.
I tried almost all of the shipping services.

John answers:

Track your order.

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