Your Questions About Food Network

David asks…

How do you get to be a guest on Food Network Challenge?

I love Food Network Challenge and I want to be the guest person. How do I do it?
What i mean by that is be like a guest judge like if you have ever seen it like for an example have a cake made for your birthday that type of guest person.

John answers:

You can apply online at the foodnetwork.

John asks…

Restaurant whose foods taste different from expected. Featured on the Food Network?

A friend of mine told me she watched a show on the food network which featured a restaurant that had foods that tasted like other foods. For instance, a woman ordered a caesar salad and it tasted exactly like pizza. Does anyone have any more information on the show or the restaurant?

John answers:

Try google search…….I’ve also heard about it……

Steven asks…

Are there any vegetarian shows on Food Network?

I don’t think there are, but I might be missing one. I think it’s unfair that there’s not at least ONE vegetarian show on the Food Network. I really enjoy cooking shows, and some of them have occasional vegetarian dishes, but nothing substantial.

John answers:

There aren’t any outright vegetarian shows on the Food Network, sadly. In fact, in creating “Low Carb and Loving It” a few years back, they did the complete opposite!

The closest you’ll likely get is Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger, in which she frequently has alternatives to meat featured. Additionally, any of the dessert based ones (Sweet Dreams, Sugar Rush, Ace of Cakes) are by default, but aren’t vegan :)

I agree that they should be represented- I’m not a vegetarian, but I do frequently eat meatless and wish there was more representation for that market! Maybe the next winner of The Next Food Network Star could address that void?

Sandra asks…

When will the food network realize that I like Iron Chef Japan, and not Iron chef America?

My fellow Americans do such a poor job with that show by comparison to the Japanese. Why won’t The Food Network realize this?

John answers:

When Bravo realizes I hate those stupid rich housewives and their petty problems.

Robert asks…

How do I become a client on food network challenges?

I want to become a client on food network challenge because my sisters sweet 16 birthday is in September and I want her to have the best cake possible. so if you have any ideas. please help. because i am helping her plan
how do i enter a video application

John answers:

Go to and your supposed to enter a video application

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