Your Questions About Food Network

Betty asks…

I dig Alton Brown on the food network, do you have a fav. show you think Alton should get an award for?

The food network offers many good cooks and I learn something new everyday, but Alton Brown does such great scientific/entertaining cooking shows..I love what he uses for props when he is explaining fibers and molecules..etc…..I can’t get enough ….bring it on Alton!

John answers:

I also love alton brown, he not only explains cooking and how it works but how to choose the right tools for the job as well. But some of his baking tends to be a little plain for me and i usually go a little stronger on the spices or the vanilla or whatever.

Lovemykalli you’re thinking of paula deen. And she’s great but i would never go to her restaurant, has anyone noticed how she always licks her fingers while cooking and then goes back i the food. Or she’ll taste it with a spoon and put the spoon back in. Gross!!

John asks…

Who is the best cook on the food network channel?

From a cooking perspective who has the most skill as a chef on the food network channel. I have a person in mind and I will give 10 points to whoever matches my choice.
Paula Dean needs to cut back on the ” you all” phrase. She uses it wayyyyy to much.
Ladies and gentlemen we have a winner !
The best answer and 10 points will be awarded to…
Stay tuned and find out !

John answers:

My favorite is Ina Garten (The Barefoot Contessa) – she knows her ingredients very well and we get to see her try out her recipes by changing flavors, etc.

Sharon asks…

What do they do with the cakes & chocolate/sugar pieces after Food Network Challenges?

On the Food Network Challenges, what do they do with the final products after the judging?

John answers:

Take them out to the shooting range

Lizzie asks…

Of all the Food Network Shows, does anyone make better food than Tyler Florence?

I have made dozens of recipes from various Food Network hosts and I haven’t yet found any other host that compares to Tyler Florence when it comes to making good food. Rachel Ray’s food is too basic and seems more focused on speed than flavor.

Do you agree or disagree and who has the best recipes on the food network?

John answers:

Tyler rules! I also like several of Alton Browns recipes but don’t follow his instructions or it will drive you nuts, makes it much harder to do, kind of like Martha Stewart b.s.. Paula Dean’ are good but way too much butter and extra fat for my healthy (ha ha) family.

Paul asks…

What knife set does Giada use on the food network?

My wife loves to watch Giada. I am looking for the same set of knives that Giada uses on the food network to get her for Christmas. Thanks for the help.

John answers:

Giada’s are “Global”, and they are nice knives.

I would recommend, however, that you get her input, as knives are a very personal. Global may not feel right to her, may be too light, etc. It took me buying a few brands before I found what I was looking for, which are Wusthof. They are the perfect weight for “me”, and fit well in “my” hand (I’m on the small side).

In addition, knives are so expensive, so you want to make sure she gets what she likes (my Santuko alone was $130ish on sale, and they sell for much more). Maybe you could give her a gift card to a kitchen store, and the two of you could shop together (three gifts in one ~ 1) gift card; 2) shopping with her sweetie; and 3) getting lovely knives that she loves).

What a wonderful gift 😉

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