Your Questions About Food Network

Joseph asks…

Food network?

Who is your favorite chef / host on the Foodnetwork?

John answers:

Alton Brown and Giada oh, I forget her last name, but that Everyday Italian girl.

Richard asks…

where can i find pictures of cakes from food network challenge?

on the food network challenge : mystery client episode where they had to make a baby shower cake,
where can i find pictures of those cakes? especially the chocolate one with the animal prints on it?

John answers:

Just try and go on to the website(I can’t remember the site itself) and type in the episode and your are suppose to see pictures of that same Cakes episode!!
Hope you get through with get the pictures,i love that channel!! Please if you could,send me the pictures if you get any,cause i have dial-up and it sucks at getting on websites!! LOL!!

Sharon asks…

Where can I find Food Network recipes that have expired and are no longer on their website? This is for school

I have a French project due on Thursday, and I can’t find the recipe I need because it has expired from the Food Network website. I need the recipe for pommiers from Barefoot Contessa, but all I could find is a disgusting lamb recipe. I searched for “pommiers” on Yahoo, and the links were either incomprehensible or completely off topic. Does anyone know how to find Food Network recipes that have expired and are no longer on their site? I need this recipe by Thursday, and I’m almost to the point of giving up.

John answers:

Go to the bookstore and search the index of Barefoot Contessa / Ina Garten cookbooks. Copy the recipe from there. That’s what I do anyway. At least you know the author and show. That’s half the battle.

Ken asks…

How do you become a Food Network Challenge mystery client?

I would like to know how to enter to become a Food Network challenge mystery client.

John answers:

May I suggest going to their website and searching for the rules. I think you’ll find your answer there.
Good luck!

George asks…

How can you become a mystery client on Food Network Challenge?

Me and my little brother share our birthday. We’re five years apart, I’m turning 15 and he’s turning 10 in August. We love to watch Food Network Challenge and find the designs on the show very interesting and cool. It would be the best birthday present ever to us if we could be a mystery client on this show. So, is there any way to get on Food Network Challenge for our birthday??

John answers:

Check out I believe there’s a link to either the challenge and what would be really neat, The Ace of Cakes show. Try that one too. Best of Luck. Happy Birthday to both of you.

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