Your Questions About Firefox

Lisa asks…

How do you save your bookmarks in Firefox when transferring from one computer to another?

Getting a new computer. Can’t seem to get my bookmarks out of firefox. Need this information TONIGHT. Have to give the computer to it’s new owner tomorrow morning. Is there anyway I can save the bookmarks within an firefox account online so that when I download firefox on the new computer they will be there?? PLEASE HELP. Thanx.

John answers:

Goto bookmarks select organize bookmarks then on the top of new window that pops up select import and backup

else online you need a F.F plugin installed that will do it just install it but best to save with above method

Linda asks…

How can I get Firefox 3 to stop logging me out everytime I close the browser?

I close my browser often for various reasons, and having to repeatedly log into my accounts like Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, and etc, is very inconvenient and getting gold. Firefox 2 never did this, just my current Firefox 3.

John answers:

It’s logging you out because it’s deleting all the tracking cookies that websites have planted on your computer. That is a very GOOD thing! However, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail, etc all use cookies, too.

Find where you can set your “Preferences” or “Options” and then find where you can allow certain cookies to remain on the computer. I’m running FF 3.5 and can’t recall at this time the exact path to take to get there. It’s either under Edit or Tools. Once you find Preferences or Options go to Privacy and then under the Cookies section set your Exceptions to allow the particular sites you want to stay logged into.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!

George asks…

How to stop Firefox download window from popping up in Mac?

I have a Mac and use the latest version of Firefox. I want the download window to stop popping up every time i save like a picture or something. For instance when i save a picture i see in firefox, the download window pops up saying what i’ve downloaded and stuff. How do i get that pop up window to stop popping up everytime i save something to my computer (like a picture) in Firefox? I can’t find anything in preferences in firefox either. PLEASE HELP!

John answers:

In the location field of Firefox, type:

Press Return.

You will see a long list of parameters. In the “Filter” field at top, type:
(That is “browser. Download. Manager. ShowWhenStarting” but without the spaces. Yahoo Answers is wacky about not allowing long “words”)

Where you see “true”, double-click to change it to “false”.

(By the way, this isn’t a Mac thing. You need to do the exact same thing in Firefox for Windows or Linux.)

Mandy asks…

What is the difference between firefox and Internet explorer?

My school has both and they are the same thing. Everytime I go to a site it says either: You must have firefox, or You must have internet explorer. Also why is firefox downloadable? Wouldn’t you already have a browser?
What are the add ons like? Internet explorer has tabbed browsing.

John answers:

Microsoft’s built-in browser does not offer the same experience as open source browsers. Why should we not have a choice in which browser we use?

I personally use Firefox and think it’s a lot better.

Just check out this CNET review:

Firefox is better in every way including, installation woes, look and community, tabbed browsing, cool new features, security and performance. The winner is clearly Firefox 2.

Jenny asks…

In Mozilla Firefox how do you customize the toolbars to different colors and styles?

In Firefox you have the standard silver toolbars where the address bar and file/edit bars are there is the silver background. How do you customize and change that around?

John answers:

Toolbar yes u can. Go to mozilla add on. Choose colorfultabs. Here the link:

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