Your Questions About Financial Freedom Services

Ken asks…

what does your candidate for president really bring , that sets them above the rest?

what are they willing to do that others wont.
what are they addressing that others dont .

example: why would you vote for thompson , he was a lackluster senator didnt want to pass legislation , didnt want to campaign doesnt have any proposals that are better than anyone eles. why would you vote for him over anyone eles.

example : ron paul brings exsperiance on the
• Joint Economic
Financial Services
• Foreign Affairs
and is addressing the upcoming ressesion we will be in with actual solutions for it, he is addressing social securtiy and healthcare
best selling books on the Economy and other books
A Foreign Policy of Freedom
Date: 2007
Freedom Under Siege: The U.S. Constitution After 200 Years
Author: Ron Paul
Mises and Austrian Economics: A personal view
Author: Ron Paul
The Case for Gold: A Minority Report of the U.S. Gold Commission
Author: Ron Paul and Lewis Lehrman
Gold, Peace, and Prosperity: The Birth of a New Currency
Author: Ron Paul
just my example of what my canidate brings for me to be able to support him
Tom Tancredo stance on imagration is the same as ron pauls and every other republican except mccain what eles does he bring other than that issue
i am asking why you are voting for who you are voting for , this isnt a socalled rant it is a comparison of what there pros and cons are
silver clinton’s plan is to strech out the war at lest 6 more years thats no plan that is status quo with bush
Michaelg : i like kucinichs honesty but not his policys he or gravel would get my vote before edwards and clinton would though

John answers:

My candidate brings Freedom & Liberty, and is for holding governments powers to what is reserved in the Constitution. Take a guess who he is.

And NO, I will not trade freedom for security…

Charles asks…

What can I do to start the business early with little experience?

I am a freshman in college and finance major. I love to work with budgeting money and investing, etc.(know about alot such as stocks, mutual funds etc.) but also want to start my own business. I don’t want to be an financial advisor for some company because anyone can do that. I want my own business pertaining to the industry right now where I can learn and earn. I want to help people gain financial freedom while not hurting their pockets. What if I presented people with what I am doing and charge them a real small fee to be their intern. I will be working for myself and for them at the same time. I can do anything for them pertaining to assisting with finance (help budgeting, help with business plan, bookkeeping) and research anything such as a business or investment. If you think this is a bad idea then give me an idea? Could I setup a website with services? And don’t just answer by saying wait to get degree because its best to start while I’m pursuing the degree rather than waiting.
And I will assist people with personal and/or business with finances.
Thanks for answers but also if you think the idea is bad let me know what I can do NOW to gain experience.

John answers:

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Mark asks…

Does the Shadow Govt really exist? Is this article valid? What are your opinions?

A friend sent me this article and I would like your opinions of it. It’s long so it may only be for those who are interested in the ways that Bush enacts laws WITHOUT Congress. Why are the American people NEVER informed of these actions, like NAU? Please, your comments:

Documents disclose ‘shadow government’
Indicate U.S. far advanced in constructing bureaucracy united with Mexico, Canada

© 2006

Government documents released by a Freedom of Information Act request reveal the Bush administration is running a “shadow government” with Mexico and Canada in which the U.S. is crafting a broad range of policy in conjunction with its neighbors to the north and south, asserts WND columnist and author Jerome R. Corsi.

The documents, a total of about 1,000 pages, are among the first to be released to Corsi through his FOIA request to the Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America, or SPP, which describes itself as an initiative “to increase security and to enhance prosperity among the three countries through greater cooperation.”

“The documents clearly reveal that SPP, working within the U.S. Department of Commerce, is far advanced in putting together a new regional infrastructure, creating a ‘shadow’ trilateral bureaucracy with Mexico and Canada that is aggressively rewriting a wide range of U.S. administrative law, all without congressional oversight or public disclosure,” Corsi said.

Among the initial discoveries, said Corsi, is the existence of an internal Intranet website that never has been revealed to Congress or the public.

“This private internal website,” he claims, “undoubtedly contains a wealth of documentation that the FOIA request has so far intentionally excluded.”

Corsi told WND the documents reveal hundreds of internal meetings, memoranda of understanding and other referenced agreements that have not been disclosed.

“We have here the beginnings of a whitewash,” he said, “in which SPP evidently thinks the public will be hoodwinked by a ‘Myths vs. Facts’ document posted for public relations purposes on their public website.”

Among the documents is an organizational chart accompanied by a listing of trilateral Mexican, Canadian and U.S. administrative officers who report on multiple cabinet level “working groups.”

The government watchdog Judicial Watch announced today it has received some of the same documents, including the organizational chart, which can be seen in this pdf file, on page seven.

“There is no specific authorization for this massive administrative-branch integration with Mexico and Canada other than what amounts to a press conference jointly issued by President Bush, Mexico’s President Vicente Fox, and Canada’s then-Prime Minister Paul Martin on March 23, 2005, at the end of their summit in Waco, Texas,” Corsi said.

Corsi added that even the “Myth vs. Facts” blurb on the website admits the SPP is neither a treaty nor a law.

“The Bush administration is trying to create the infrastructure of a new regional North American government in stealth fashion, under the radar and out of public view,” Corsi claims. “Where is Congress, asleep at the wheel?”

The SPP organizational chart Corsi obtained shows 13 working groups covering a wide range of public policy issues, including Manufactured Goods; Energy, Food & Agriculture; Rules of Origin’ Health; E-Commerce; Transportation; Environment; Financial Services; Business Facilitation; External Threats to North America; Streamlined & Secured Shared Borders; and Prevention/Response within North America.

U.S. administrative-branch officers participating in these working groups are drawn from the U.S. departments of State, Homeland Security, Commerce, Treasury, Agriculture, Transportation, Energy, Health and Human Services, and the office of the U.S. Trade Representative.

The released documents affirm that counterparts from official governmental agencies in Mexico and Canada are combined with the U.S. administrative branch to form new trilateral “working groups” that actively rewrite U.S. administrative law to “harmonize” or “integrate” with administrative law in Mexico and Canada.

“What we have here amounts to an administrative coup d’etat,” Corsi told WND. “Where does the Bush administration get the congressional authorization to invite two foreign nations to the table to rewrite U.S. law?”

John answers:

I think it’s the real thing. It falls right in line with their New World Order agenda!
We do have the Nafta super highway being built, and more, and more talks of the formation of the NAU to back it up.
They have to ‘crash’ the US economy to level us with Mexico’s to make a merger work, and they are!
Hang on tight…we’re going in!

Sandy asks…

poll: what elective should i take next year…?

i am going to take the college planner but i don’t know which of these other classes to choose
1 family & consumer science
this includes 10 units they are
1 christian character & appearance
2 what’s cooking
3 let’s eat
4 the clothes you wear
5 the clothes you sew
6 interior decoration
7your home & you
8 financial Freedom
9 children develop met & care
10 relationships

or consumer math this includes
1 basic math review
2 personal finance
3 statistics
4 taxes & insurance
5 banking services & investments
6 banking & credit costs
7 purchase * sale of goods
8 leisure, travel, & retirement
9 job-related services
10 consumer math review

which one would you take and why thank you very much

John answers:

Id choose family & consumer science. Lets eat and interior design won me over :D. It seems like it would be more fun

Daniel asks…

Ron Paul’s economic plan, have you seen it or read it?

America became the greatest, most prosperous nation in human history through low taxes, constitutionally limited government, personal freedom and a belief in sound money. We need to return to these principles so our economy can thrive again. When enacted, my plan will provide both short-term stimulus and lay the groundwork for long-term prosperity.

Other candidates talk a lot about stimulus packages, but my record stands alone. I have fought for these measures for years as a member of Congress and will make them a top priority as president.

Ron Paul, a 10-term Republican Congressman from Texas’s 14th District, is currently the ranking member of the House Financial Services Committee’s Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, Trade, and Technology. He has been named “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” for 10 consecutive years by the National Taxpayers’ Union. Ron Paul is also the author of several books on monetary policy and economics.

The Four-Point Plan

Tax Reform: Reduce the tax burden and eliminate taxes that punish investment and savings, including job-killing corporate taxes.
Spending Reform: Eliminate wasteful spending. Reduce overseas commitments. Freeze all non-defense, non-entitlement spending at current levels.
Monetary Policy Reform: Expand openness at the Federal Reserve and require the Fed to televise its meetings. Return value to our money.
Regulatory Reform: Repeal Sarbanes/Oxley regulations that push companies to seek capital outside of US markets. Stop restricting community banks from fostering local economic growth.

1. Tax Reform

Eliminate Taxes on Dividends and Savings. The basis of capitalism is savings, and Americans who do so should be rewarded.
Pass HJ Res. 23 to encourage savings over consumption.

Repeal the Death Tax. Attacking small businesses and breaking up family farms smothers growth and kills jobs.
Pass H.R. 2734 to make the Bush tax cuts permanent.

Cut Taxes for Working Seniors. Grandmothers and grandfathers working to make ends meet should keep all the fruits of their labor.
Pass H.R. 191 to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the inclusion in gross income of Social Security benefits.

Eliminate Taxes on Social Security Benefits. That money belongs to seniors, not the government. They paid into the system for a lifetime, and they should be free to spend every penny as they see fit.
Pass H.R. 192 to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to repeal the 1993 increase in taxes on Social Security benefits.

Accelerate Depreciation on Investment. We need to help companies grow and create jobs.
Pass H.R. 4995 to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to reduce corporate marginal income tax rates.

Eliminate Taxes on Capital Gains. Investment should be embraced and rewarded.
Pass H.J. Res 23 (The “Liberty Amendment”), proposing an amendment to the Constitution of the United States relative to abolishing personal income, estate, and gift taxes and prohibiting the United States Government from engaging in business in competition with its citizens.

Eliminate Taxes on Tips.The single parents and working students who earn their income chiefly through tips deserve to keep all of their money. This tax on “estimated income” is unfair and should be ended.
Pass H.R. 3664 to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to provide that tips shall not be subject to income or employment taxes.

Support the Mortgage Cancellation Relief Act. Working families who lost their homes should not be punished a second time with a big IRS bill.
Pass H.R. 1876 to amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to exclude from the gross income of individual taxpayers discharges of indebtedness attributable to certain forgiven residential mortgage obligations.

2. Spending Reform

Reduce Overseas Military Commitments. Our bases and troops should be on our soil.
It’s time to stop subsidizing our trading partners in Europe, Japan and South Korea.

Freeze Non-Defense, Non-Entitlement Spending at Current Levels
I vote against all bloated, pork laden spending bills and will veto them as president.

3. Monetary Policy Reform

Televise Federal Open Market Committee Meetings. An institution as powerful as the Federal Reserve deserves full public scrutiny.

Expand Transparency and Accountability at the Federal Reserve
Pass H.R. 2754 to require the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System to continue to make available to the public on a weekly basis information on the measure of the M3 monetary aggregate and its components.

Return Value to Our Money. Legalize gold and silver as a competing currency.
Level the long-term boom and bust business cycle by passing H.R. 4683, which would repeal provisions of the federal criminal code relating to issuing coins of gold, silver, or other metal for use as current money and making or possessing likenesses of such coins.

4. Regulatory Reform

Repeal Sarbanes/Oxley. It has seriously wounded our capital markets and helped make the UK a financial center at our expense.
Ending these misguided regulations would bring jobs flooding back to the United States

Pass H.R. 1049 to reform Sarbanes-Oxley and reduce the burden it places on small businesses.

Repeal or Remove Costly and Unnecessary Federal Regulations. Neighbors know best how to help their neighbors.
We need to make it easier for community banks, credit unions, and other financial institutions to better serve their communities and to help people in these communities get access to credit and capital.
Pass H.R. 1869 to enhance the ability of community banks to foster economic growth and serve their communities, boost small businesses, increase individual savings, and for other purposes.

John answers:

This is the only plan that makes sense. I feel so strongly about it that if he doesn’t make it, I don’t care who wins. I believe that they are more or less the same, and they will end up destroying our country.
If Ron Paul doesn’t make the general election, perhaps whoever wins will hurt us enough so that next time people will listen to common sense. There is some historical precedent for this thinking, after all we couldn’t have had Reagan without Carter, and I think that it doesn’t matter who is elected, we will have Carter again, along with 21% interest rates.
Any housewife knows that if you spend all your money on foolishness, there won’t be any left for necessities.
Contrary to popular belief, printing more money doesn’t build wealth. It doesn’t matter if it is a kid in his garage or the government, printing money makes what we have worth less. That is why there are laws against it.

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