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Susan asks…

Financial Aid???????HELP ME…?

I was in hurricane katrina in 2005. Since then I been attending highschool In New York. Im a senior now, preparing for college and is now planing to move again. I been thinkin about moving somewhere downsouth for college and stay on campus. (BUT) I don’t know If i will be able to afford it, because moving out of state is more expensive. My mom is a single parent raising me, as of now Im being sponsored from my highschool (tuition free) because of katrina. Staying in new york is expensive alone just living here, watching my mom struggle from pay check to pay check is tough. My father tries his best to, but he’s having big financial problems now so as of now we can’t depend on him down in new orleans. Question is: How much will financial aid cover me???? if they do, how much would money would be coming out of my pocket??? as far as credit cards and stuff–I don’t plan to do that. Owing money later on, would only bring me in debt so yea.

John answers:

Financial aid helps but it’s usually not 100% of your living expenses. You will probably have to apply for scholarships, work part time, and, perhaps, take a student loans. It’s worth it. Do NOT… And I can’t stress this enough…. Do not skip college. Just make sure that people in your future field make enough money to pay the student loans off or that there are programs that will pay them off for you. For example, people who go into teaching, medicine, or social services (for non-profits) can get their student loans reduced if they work in needy areas.

One thing that you can do to cut down on the cost is consider going to a community college for a couple of years to get the basic classes out of the way. It’s less expensive and even a year at a community college could save you thousands. Just make sure, through the community college counselor and the future university counselor, that your credits will transfer.

One thing I learned about boarding is that you have to apply to the school and apply for campus housing early. Very early. You will need to get that information from your future university.

Just do it… And keep going no matter what until you get that degree. That’s your ticket to freedom.

Maria asks…

Freedom of Speech vs government censorship?

I’d like some opinions of the right of a government to censor information, and the freedom of speech for citizens. Plus, what do you think of Google and Yahoo agreeing to censor?

John answers:

As a threshold matter, 1st Amendment only applies to government action.

So, Google and Yahoo, or any private company, are only generally limited by their terms of service. In other words, because they are private forums, and because you have agreed to their terms through the use of their forums, they can do pretty much anything they want. Especially for free services. It’s entirely up to their customer base to get them to change their policies, which are usually based on business (rather than liberty) concerns.

As far as as government action, the laws are pretty straight forward. The government may not censor speech in advance, called a “prior restraint’ unless four conditions are met. First, the government must be asserting a compelling national interest/goal. Second, the government may only block the least amount of speech necessary to achieve their goal, and the restriction must be narrowly tailored so that it is not over or under-inclusive.Third, the speech must be such that it would cause an immediate and certain threat of imminent harm to human life. Fourth, the government cannot pick and choose within the category, allowing some viewpoints but banning others.

These are the rules for Strict Scrutiny, familiar to any 2L ConLaw student, plus the added requirement for prior restraints on publication from the Pentagon Papers case. As a legal matter, very few prior restraints ever get upheld, and they are usually limited to things like publishing troop deployments, or showing pictures that identify undercover law enforcement officers. Situations where the information is going to get someone killed as soon as it becomes known.

From a moral and ethical standpoint, I’d expect journalist to follow rules that are slightly broader. They should try to avoid actions that would cause, not just death or serious bodily injury, but also significant financial loss or that are just plain mean-spirited. But those are self-imposed ethical constraints, and we’re talking censorship — externally imposed constraints.

From a policy perspective, the government should be doing everything in its power to avoid the need to censor people. They should encourage free expression, as one of the cornerstones of our constitutional society. Sadly, that doesn’t always happen.

The recent cases, where the NYT has published harmful or unwanted information about the government, shows the legal versus social dichotomy well. Everything they published is protected by the 1st Amendment, because it does not meet the test established by the Supreme Court as being necessary for censorship. The administration knows this, which is why they haven’t pressed charges. Just complained loudly.

And that’s all to the good. The government has every right to say that it prefers its shameful acts not to be made public. And the press has every right to inform the public of the government’s shameful acts. That’s why the media is sometimes called the fourth branch of government. It acts as an additional check-and-balance on government action, showing the public what’s going on with our leaders.

And that’s exactly the type of information we should have, in a democratic republic where the elected officials are answerable to their constitutions. For without that information, the government runs unchecked, and that is not what the Founders intended.

Paul asks…

Start working or not with Primerica Financial Services

John answers:

I faced the same question about a year and a half ago, and what i did was compare my job to the opportunity that was presented to me…..and this is what i thought, “if half of what this person is telling me about Primerica is true…..its still much better than my crappy job”. So I took a risk and joined and so far its the best decision I’ve ever made in my life, I’ve been doing it for about a year and a half now. I quit my teaching job and I love the freedom that my wife and I now have. You should start part time and check if its something you’ll be able to do. I see it as a win win situation because if you decide not to join you’ll still leave Primerica with a lot of very useful money information that maybe can help you and your family.

Ruth asks…

How many floors is the One WTC aka Freedom tower (AS OF TODAY!)?

John answers:

One World Trade Center
A New Icon for New York City
One World Trade Center redefines the New York skyline, reasserting downtown Manhattan’s preeminence as a business center while establishing a new architectural icon for the country.

Designed by renowned architect David Childs, of Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, LLP, One World Trade Center incorporates new architectural and environmental standards, setting a new level of social responsibility in urban design. As New York City’s tallest skyscraper, its antenna tower will rise an impressive 1,776 feet into the sky as an ever-present symbol of renewal and hope for the future.

Upon completion, One World Trade Center’s program will include 3 million square feet of office space on 71 office floors, a grand public lobby graced with a 50-foot ceilings, an observation deck 1,241′ 8″ above ground, a wide array of shopping opportunities and ample parking.

The New Standard in Design

The ultra-modern design of One World Trade Center is an innovative mix of architecture, structure, safety and sustainability. The building’s simplicity and clarity of form are timeless, extending the long tradition of American ingenuity in high-rise construction. One World Trade Center will be a new visual landmark for New York and the United States.

Its structure is designed around a strong, redundant steel moment frame consisting of beams and columns connected by a combination of welding and bolting. Paired with a concrete-core shear wall, the moment frame lends substantial rigidity and redundancy to the overall building structure while providing column-free interior spans for maximum flexibility.

The building incorporates highly advanced state-of-the-art life-safety systems that exceed the requirements of the New York City Building Code and that will lead the way in developing new high-rise building standards. An on-site Police Command Center will serve the entire World Trade Center site.

A New Level of Social Responsibility in Urban Design

Through unprecedented collaborations with technology and energy leaders throughout the world, One World Trade Center’s design team used the latest methods to maximize efficiency, minimize waste and pollution, conserve water, improve air quality and reduce the impacts of the development.

Taking advantage of the next generation of innovative energy sources, such as cogeneration and fuel cells, as well as off-site renewable wind and hydro power, One World Trade Center will set a new design standard.

Unsurpassed Access

Workers commuting to One World Trade Center will enjoy unprecedented access to mass transit service. Dazzling new climate-controlled corridors will connect the tower to The World Trade Center Transportation Hub and the new PATH terminal, 11 NYC Transit subway lines and the new Fulton Street Transit Center, the World Financial Center and ferry terminal, underground parking and world-class shopping and dining.

One World Trade Center’s location in Lower Manhattan will position it in close proximity to amenities at the World Financial Center, Battery Park City and the new West Side Promenade, as well as offer easy access to Tribeca, South Street Seaport, and Wall Street. Neighborhood amenities include world-class shopping and a riverfront walkway in a mixed-use community that is active 24/7.
Http:// ————— ‘Freedom Tower’ rises above Ground Zero to take its place on the New York skyline

Read more: ———— The $3.8bn cost of Freedom
The Freedom Tower, New York’s latest architectural wonder, is being built to replace the twin towers and has not exactly gone according to plan

William asks…

I’m looking for workshops on financial/credit in Philadelphia?

If there’s a non profit organization that offers free workshops on credit repair, please let me know. Thank you

John answers:

There are several non-profits in the Philadelphia area that offer financial services; however, I highly recommend that you simply read. For instance, Black Enterprise magazine is an excellent source; I just finished reading Powernomics by Claud Andersen…excellent book. Majority of the times, nonprofits have people who do not know the ins and outs to financial freedom. All of the information is at your finger tips…simply read…self-educate.

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