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Nancy asks…

How many liberties and freedoms were threatened to near extinction by the 111th Congress?

John answers:

It would be hard to say they actually did away with any freedoms but the 111th Congress certainly encroached on our freedoms in ways that had never been done before.

1. They passed Obama care which basically says you are no longer free to choose how you insure your health or if you choose not to insure your health, and if implemented it will end in you no longer being in control of many other health care decisions. The Death Panels? Well they said at first it was not in the bill then they struck the Death Panel provision from from the bill, and now I hear that some one is trying to change a rule associated with Obama Care to reinstate the Death Panels.

2. They passed a new food safety act that basically will prevent Farmers and small growers from selling ready to eat food at farmers markets, and put onerous new regulations on them requiring loads of paperwork. This will kill lots of small farms and the jobs that go with them and reduce the availability of fresh produce.

3. They approved a seriously flawed Arms treaty with Russia that will put us at a disadvantage should we ever have a war with them. This could threaten all our freedoms should Russia go to war with us, although right now we would most certainly win if they did.

4. But the Congress was working on the superiority of our Military as well. They eliminated the status quo, don’t ask don’t tell policy which will allow gay people in the military to advertise that they are gay. Whether you agree with the move or not it will certainly make traditional family oriented people think twice about encouraging their children to sign up for Military service which IMHO will result eventually in weakening our military.

5. But probably the worst thing this Congress did was to spend money like it was going out of style and Ben Bernanke the Fed chairman is assuring that our money is going out of style by increasing the volume of US $ in circulation more than doubling it. This certainly effects the average person a great deal causing inflation to eat away at their savings and earning power.

Here are a few other encroachments on our constitutional liberty the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi led Congress did.

6. They seized control of General Motors and Chrysler auto manufacturers, arbitrarily casting aside the rightful expectations of their bondholders and other creditors.

7. They have imposed absurd and invasive demands on air travelers.

8. They are considering a United Nations treaty that would render the Second Amendment null and void.

9. They have refused to enforce our southern border against drug smugglers and have sued Arizona for enacting an immigration law that mirrors the Federal law.

10. They have enacted new rules through the FCC to assert control over the Internet, which is an assault on our first amendment rights.

11. They used the financial crisis as an excuse to bail out banks, insurance companies and other fat cats giving them literally Billions of dollars at a time that the Stock market had crashed to aprox. 1/3 of its peak value. These fat cats now claim it was a good investment because most of the money has been paid back. Well duuuhhh. You would have to by financially illiterate not to double your money in that situation. But did any one on main street get that opportunity? NO WAY JOSE !!!! The average Joe has yet to see any stimulus money even in the form of a loan. The banks are holding on to it like robber barrons.

I have to admit, being a basically honest person, that 6 – 10 I did not think up myself, they came from a Tea Party sight.

Carol asks…

How do I get proof of the date of entry into the US?

Who can I contact to get proof of the date of entry into the US? It was entry in the 80s I do not have a foreign passport, or alien registration card from that time, since I have since obtained a certificate of naturalization. I must provide this proof of this date so that I can prove that Selective Service registration was not required at the time. Without this proof, I will be unable to obtain financial aid to attend school. Please help if you can. Would the INS have some sort of documentation that could assist me?

John answers:

You can request the information to your local CIS office. You will need to request a F.O.I.A. (freedom of information act). Some where there it should be the date you immigrated into the U.S.

You will need to file the form G-639 to obtain a copy follow this link:

Good luck!!!

Ps. Keisha there is no more INS. CBP will not re-issued the I-94

Steven asks…

What is so great about the bible?

Horace Greeley once said:

“It is impossible to enslave mentally or socially a Bible-reading people. The principles of the Bible are the groundwork of human freedom.”

Do you think this is true? Why or why not?

To me, the bible is a good book of some pretty amazing stories, but then again, there are millions of other books that are very entertaining.

John answers:

I agree 100% with it.

Why? Because if you fear God, you fear men much less. The less you fear God, the more you invest this fear in things like the economy or the approval of your peers. You become a very easy person to manipulate.

The Bible is the first book off a printing press and the basis for the date used by the United Nations, Universal Postal Service, every financial market on planet earth, etc. Etc. Etc.

It is a love letter to you from God. No copyright at all. You own it and may distribute it free of charge. It is God not hiding from the world. You should repent and call on the name of Jesus Christ before you read. Ask God to bring you where you need to read. You may be shocked at what happens when you place your will second.

Charles asks…

Liberals: Why is it the federal governments responsibility to force insurance companies?

Why is it the federal governments responsibility to force insurance companies to provide contraception to their customers?
Hater Police: That’s exactly my point, this is not a responsibility of the FEDERAL government. It’s much better to leave it up to individual states.

John answers:

For one, it’s because “the market” won’t take care of it, itself.

The federal government sets minimum standards on a wide variety of products and services.

That’s part of what they are there for. The federal government tells companies that they can’t sell baby’s clothing that will ignite into a fireball when near flames. The federal government sets standards for how banks perform and reconcile financial transactions. The federal government sets standards for how gasoline producers calculate octane ratings in gasoline. The federal government sets minimum safety standards for car seats, seat belts, car crash safety performance. The list goes on and on.

The government is merely setting minimum coverage standards for health insurance, with an emphasis on preventative care. They also require that regular preventative check-ups with the doctor be included in base coverage.

At a time when conservatives are whining about having to pay health and food benefits for the poor, why wouldn’t they want contraception covered to prevent additional people on the public teat? At a time when conservatives claim to be against abortions, why wouldn’t they want contraception covered to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Let’s be honest. Conservatives are terrified of people having sex, and enjoying it, so they want to do everything they can to prevent people from screwing. I though conservatives were supposed to be about individual freedoms?

Betty asks…

What does a financial adviser do?

Do they have the freedom to recommend on any securities to its clients? Or do they have to stick to securities limited by the company they work for? I want to analyze stocks and give my recommendations. What career should I choose?

John answers:

I am not sure about the answer to the first part of your question but if you working with a wealth management service provider such as a bank, i guess you would be pushing the banks investment products.
However in a brokerage firm / portfolio management services, you would recommend equities based on your research. The difference would be, you are selling investment ideas and not products.

It would help if you have a finance related post graduation such as a CFA or a CA or a MBA finance. Fund management/Portfolio management or Brokerage Services are good options. You begin working as an equity research analyst where you recommend stocks based on your study. Your research is used as a support to the actual decision makers such as portfolio managers or fund managers or equity traders (in a brokerage business).
In portfolio management services, you might be later given the responsibility of managing a part of the portfolio along with your primary duty of equity research. This generally happens when you are a deputy portfolio manager or asst manager.

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