Your Questions About Financial Freedom Services

Steven asks…

does anybody ever heard for Financial Freedom Services.?

John answers:

The name itself sounds kind of suspicious.

But you should do a lot of research before committing any of your money.

My gut feel is that its either a spam generator, or a scam trap.

David asks…

which act permits bank holding companies greater freedom to engage in a full range of financial services?

a. Federal Reserve Act
b. Glass-Steagall Banking Act
c. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
d. National Banking Act

which terms refers to money that one level of government receives form another level?
a. intergovernmental revenue
b. property tax
c. sales tax
d. subsidized revenue

John answers:

D. National Banking Act gives banks freedom for services.
D. Intergovernmental revenue allows receipt of money.

Sandra asks…

How to gain financial freedom?

All my life I have been working for the money. I’m feed up and burnt out. I need to turn things around and let the money work for me. I know this cannot be done overnight. I have tried multilevel marketing but it ended up invested more money than having a feasible investment returns. I used to have ISA savings but the banks are charging big fees for their services. Your serious inputs is highly appreciated.

John answers:

Read “The Wealthy Barber”, or “The Richest Man in Babylon” or even “The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”. This is nothing fancy or quick but about simply making more than you spend (so if you make very little thats fine so long as you spend still less), saving 10% or more of your income and very slowly growing your money to where eventually you are financially independant. Still, these 3 books are all excellent on this topic.

Susan asks…

Do you think that financial freedom and time freedom? Do you believe you have a plan to get this in your life

It’s a fact that the typical employee works more hours than they did 10 years ago. Commuting time has exponentially increased and most families have two parents working full time. Plus, taxes are just rising and cost of living (incl gas!) are skyrocketing. Government stats show that the average american family owes $8000 on credit card and living on more than they can afford. Savings are actually negative which means people are withdrawing some of their savings. We buy most of our products & services on some form of credit arrangements. The end results:
Most families are stuck in the Rat Race living paycheck to paycheck (paying the bills), one cheque from bankrupcy…
This is the reality out there.
Is the American dream a myth?
Is there such thing as Freedom in that context?
It appears that our economic model is deeply in trouble. Lay offs are constantly happening…Job security is obsolete.
There is no more such thing as working 25 yrs for the same company to leave golden age..

John answers:

Americans get into Debt-traps,because of high-pressure
salesmanship.Their needs increase,desire for comforts
increase and dreams for luxuries are created.
The way to be happy is to eliminate luxuries from life
and cut down on comforts.
One who is SATISFIED is happy.
SATISFACTION comes by reducing/curtailing desires,
not by fulfilling them.
The whole country is living on deficit-financing
and borrowing.
You will neither have Money-freedom nor Time-freedom.

Carol asks…

Which Congress permitted bank holding companies greater freedom to engage in a full range of financial…?

services? banking act.
B.national banking act.
C.federal reserve act.
D.gramm-leach-bliley act.

John answers:

Thats my homework! Hahaaa.


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