Your Questions About Financial Freedom Of America

Susan asks…

America, the unappreciated?

Your country was recently hit with a natural disaster, Americans are there helping. Your country has been fighting with terrorists? Americans have either made the weapons in which to fight against them, the tactics to stop them, or are fighting along side to help you stop them. That freedom you’re enjoying, chances are it was America helped provide that in some way. Your country was broke and in need of financial aid? Chances are America pumped money into the country to get it started again. Just ask France, Germany, Italy, a lot of Africa, and Japan. A lot of money in your stock portfolio? Chances are it is filled with stocks of American companies. Your job? Probably directly or indirectly provided to you buy an American company. Your food? Chances are it was provided by an American farmer. America has done all this and yet were hated around the world. We have liberated countries, helped build others after war, provided aid after a famine, war, natural disaster, or other crisis. We have fought for others, for their freedom, for their rights, with nothing so much as a thank you. Yet were called bulies, spoiled, arrogant. With all that we have done for nothing in return, perhaps we earned the right to be a little arrogant.
I am not just refering to this century, but also into the 1800’s. I am throwing my hands up and asking the question. No need to get so vulgar or use the F word. The intolerant views shown so far, show only how those that say that they are tolerant, aren’t.

John answers:

No matter how much good we do in this world, people tend to always forget the good that one does.

Thanks for the input, you have hit the nail on the head.

Now just watch someone will call the U.S. A warmonger.

Ken asks…

What will be the enduring legacy of the Bush era ?

The post 9/11 speech ? “either they will be brought to justice, or justice will be brought to them” [ I seemingly missed the Bin Laden arrest and trial ]. The W.M.D. fiasco ?, The Patriot Act ? [ actually the most unpatriotic act ever, removing much of America‘s treasured and admired freedom ], The financial meltdown ? [ quite appropriate actually, the economy heading South at the same time as the Pres., tho’ hopefully one will bounce back ! ] Or, have I missed some other great event ?

John answers:

Unmitigated disaster. He and his administration have set the US back 35 years.

John asks…

Why Republicans do not want to admit that America IS a socialist country?

in all but their fantasy of capitalist pride? Bush and the Congress just nationalized the financial system. Agriculture is subsidized. Big Oil is not taxed properly. And so on…

What is so different from the socialist system? Freedom of speech? Ok but they listen. Right to bear arms? What?
White Flame: Walks like a duck, …. ?
Wikipedia: Socialism refers to a broad set of economic theories of social organization advocating social or collective ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods, and the creation of an egalitarian society.

John answers:

Correction, we are not a socialist nation, we are a nation with socialist policies here and there. There’s a big difference, since the former doesn’t exist in the world today and the latter is everywhere. It doesn’t make a lot of sense that any socialist ideas are demonized on the right, because we have many in practice right now, but that doesn’t make us socialist.

*Sigh* you’re missing my point. You can’t call our nation a capitalist nation when we have socialist ideas, we’re a nation that has capitalist policies. If you were to apply your view of how to say what a nation is, America would be a capitalist, socialist, republican, democratic, probably even communist nation. We take on the ideas of many forms of government. That doesn’t mean our nation is that form of government.

Donna asks…

Why do we allow banking institutions to control our money, since they are dangerous to liberty?

“I sincerely believe the banking institutions, having the issuing power of money, are more dangerous to liberty than standing armies.” -Thomas Jefferson

“If Americans just learned that the IRS was actually knowingly deceiving them, then that would be enough for them to rise up and put a stop to it. (Joe Banister, Former IRS-CID, Criminal Investigator)If Americans just learned that the IRS was actually knowingly deceiving them, then that would be enough for them to rise up and put a stop to it.” – Joe Banister, Former IRS-CID, Criminal Investigator

“The government claims the power to seize all financial instruments, currency, gold, silver, and everything else if they deem an emergency exists.” – US Treasury Letter August 12, 2005

You should all see “America: Freedom to Fascism”.

you can see it here:

“Give me control of a nation’s money supply, and i care not who makes its laws.” – Mayer Rothschild
Wow grey, there are so many lies in your answer i don’t know where to start!

John answers:

Before I agree with your statement I must respond to Gray Sha… First of all, quoting anything from the disgraced New York Times will never an argument make. The 16th Amendment was Not properly ratified by 2/3 of the states (Remember Judge Bork?- who said during his Senate confirmation hearing in 1989 that both the 16th Amendment AND The Uniform Commercial Code were BOTH unConstitutional because they were FORCED on the American people. When he said these things, the money-powers’ puppets in the Senate crashed and burned any chance Judge Bork might have had.) As far as tax protestors having a 0.00 win ratio, you obviously don’t get out much. At this time I personally know of over 1500 people in my state that DO NOT pay any federal taxes AT ALL. They went to court and shredded the IRS arguments by forcing them to enter the contract into evidence giving them either jurisdiction or power-of-attorney over their labor. Thus, forcing them (IRS) into a procedural nightmare that would’ve spelled disaster for them if they answered on record, they gracefully and shamefully admitted they had NO jurisdiction over ANY American worker’s wages (NOT INCOME- Unless you live in the District of Columbia-Slaughter-House Cases) and that these people were not ones “required to file under de’jure Constitutional Law”. It’s all about PROCEDURE-NOT SUBJECT MATTER. How many Americans do you think the government wants to know ANY of this? You need to really do your homework and research; the New York Times is hardly the place to start. House Banking Chairman Ranking was killed because he went public with this years ago. Remember- these people assassinate presidents and can, with a nod, economically destroy any nation on earth they so choose. The reason banks are the power in this country and the world is ALL thanks to the Rothchilds and their political and judicial stooges who sold this country out decades before most of us were even born. Answer this tantalizing question if you can. If either the IRS or the Federal Reserve are legitimate agencies of the US Government, then why until 1999 were NEITHER listed in the blue pages of ANY phonebook in the nation, but instead listed in the “white” pages? ONLY the blue pages list ALL legitimate government agencies at the federal and state level, and that includes BOTH governmental and civilian phonebooks. It is so easy for the average American to never look into or think about these things because it is so easy to get so much past them. That is exactly why the average American calls this factual and easily confirmed information CONSPIRACY THEORY, and the real rulers of this nation rejoice in that fact. If none of this helps you, Gray Sha.., ponder this shocking quote- “It has come to my attention that plots exist to overthrow the sovereignty of the American people, and I feel it is my duty to inform them of this before I leave office.”- PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY- Congressinal Archives.

Helen asks…

Removing God from school, state nativity scenes and now the dollar, are we headed for financial ruin?

We removed GOD from out of the schools and we got Columbine. We are trying to use separation of church and state to keep the nativity scene from the lawns of our government buildings. They want to take GOD out of the pledge of allegiance. They want to take God off the dollars where it says “In GOD We Trust” It worries me that the more we remove that which this country was founded on the weaker the foundation and eventually we will crumble. We used to be considered the “melting pot” but now it seems like we are more long the lines of ” a house divided against itself” The one good thing about living in America was the freedom to live in the manner in which you wanted as long as it did not impune the rights of others. Now it is the majority rules. The ones with the majority of the money. So I guess this country will prove out what was written so very long ago. “You cannot serve two masters, you will hate the one to serve the other.” You cannot serve GOD and money!

John answers:

I dont know about your question, but Seperation of Church and State isnt really complete…

Why do they have Christmas and Thanksgiving as public holidays?

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