Your Questions About Financial Freedom Of America

Betty asks…

Have you heard of Market America?

I friend is telling me that joining this company will be the end to all my financial problems. I am having a hard time believing this. I have many and great problems with my finances. Please share information you have.
Thank you.

John answers:

I have heard of it and it is not the answer to financial freedom. I have heard of so many different organizations and marketing groups that have more of a potential. “one in particular” but I can not post those on here because it would be against yahoo answers guidelines.

So sorry about that, but like I said that company isn’t for people who are hurting financially. That is for people who already have money but want more.

Maria asks…

Ciao! Italy asks America?

Hi everyone! I am an italian girl. I am attracted by America (i ve got a couple of friends who live there)
To me the US are the emblem of courage, freedom and hard work..and i really appreciate you as people for such great values!
I really love my native nation’s literature,art, history, traditions, and it seems that American people in general are way fascinated by Italy too. I’ d really like to come to the Us to study these humanistic subjects and meanwhile i’d like to set a relationship with you country, improve my american english and i wish i could get the opportunity to work there as a teacher or something similar. I am 19. What could i do to move the first step towards my dream? is it true what i am saying? and also..what are the best american colleges which can offer me the achievement of my project? Thanks guys, have a nice day!

John answers:

As a foreign/international student, university here in the USA (or America as the world calls it) is going to be VERY expensive. There is very little, if any, financial aid available for international students so you will pay for university using your own money. Also, you must return to Italy after you graduate.

Sorry to say, but it’s VERY difficult for foreigners to get permission to work in the USA. It’s equally difficult for Americans to get permission to work in Europe.

Nancy asks…

Did America win the Revolution against Britain?

I have studied the American Revolution in detail so obviously I know that America did gain its freedom and due to several contributing factors. I just feel that although the Americans did put up a valiant effort against Britain, and did enjoy some military successes, they did not win their independence for themselves. In my personal opinion, the only reason they secured their independence was due to the fact that a change in politics in London garnered anti-war sentiments which forced Lord North out of office. With the entrance of France, Spain, and the Netherlands, Britain’s forces and resources were stretched fighting a global war to preserve its colonial empire. I think the only reason they granted America its independence was because they could not afford to lose their other colonies in India and the Caribbean. By War’s end in 1783, The british still had a large military force and the largest navy in the world. If they wanted to, in an alternate history, I do believe they could have persecuted the war for several more years and probably won it. So in essence do not think America WON its independence, rather Britain felt that it was not a critical issue worth pursuing further and relinquished it. It was foreign intervention and political strife in Parliament that brought about its end. This is purely my thought based on research I am only posting this to facilitate discussion. If anyone else has knowledge on the topic and thinks otherwise please I ask you to post your argument, I am curious what others think.

John answers:

Your history is basically correct, but I think your conclusion is not correct. Here’s why. Every war always has a political home front as well as a pragmatic foreign front. It is possible to claim that World War I ended because people were sick of the death rates by mustard gas; because they were disheartened by the politicos signing the treaty of Versailles; because the Germans were having difficulty persuading more young men (of whom there were many) of the justice of their cause at the time; because the Ottoman Empire had many domestic financial problems; and especially because of the German Revolution immediately preceding the end of the war, in which the Kaiser fled to the Netherlands. These are all true explanations for how the war ended – but none of them make it less true that the Central Powers lost and the Allies decisively won. It’s not like the Central Powers had no more soldiers left to keep fighting – what they didn’t have was political will, and the cost in terms of lives and deutchmarks seemed hopeless. Similarly, it is true that the British had many more forces than were deployed in the American colonies, but it is also true that the popular sentiment in the colonies was strongly against them; that the cost of the war was truly prohibitive as it dragged on; and that it was surprisingly deadly, as many normal American colonists took up arms and shot to kill, which was initially quite unexpected. The domestic situation and the situation with other colonies helps to provide the reasons why Britain lost, but it doesn’t change the fact of the loss, in my view. And the losses in the colonies and the politics elsewhere were of course intertwined: Lord North was forced out of office some years AFTER the end of the war, and in part because of the heavy financial, territorial, and human losses that he incurred when fighting it. France, Spain, and the Netherlands were not entirely separate conflicts to the American war of independence; France in particular was a close ally to the Americans and provided troops and even generals on the ground in the colonies – and it’s fair to say that the Americans courted them as a strategy of war. So I think you are right to point out that a lot more was going on than American marksmen vs. British redcoats, but I still feel strongly that if we are able to say there is victory in any war, this is one of the wars in which we must say it. There was clear capitulation for one side, clear accession to the demands of the other side, clear and radical political change in the Americas, successful remission of taxes and governmental oversight (the ostensible and clearly stated reasons for the war), and indeed the establishment of a viable and long-term breakaway nation. If that’s not a victory, I don’t know what is. The fact that it was achieved via diplomatic as well as military means, and that it was achieved in the real world with all its complications, does not make it less of a “win” in my view.

Richard asks…

Which is best America or England.?

Where should I live.
I’m english by the way.

John answers:

I would be biased and say go to England. But I’m sick of being a biased little sheep on here. So I’ll look at it from a devil’s advocate point of view.

Neither! England is full so piss off. And America is quite full and I wouldn’t even recommend there anyway as you’d most likely die. And please nobody disagree with me on that. America has the worst health care out of the developed world and any immigrants that go to America do die! That’s why there’s not that many!

Terribly sorry but I have to add this.
1) America is not free, there is no such thing as free countrys are not free! People that still believe in freedom are delusional! Indeed America (and England for that matter) are the two most free countrys in the world but they are in no way free. I’m sick of people claiming that!
2) lipglosslady626 is right. The Credit Crunch *is* America’s fault.
3) mebo claims that America is the greatest country on Earth. This is a tired old stereotype, that nobody has managed to intelligently back up yet. Why do people keep this delusional opinon!?
4) mebo also claims that American food is better. Yes that’s true, if you like to eat deep fried fat that is. You can hardly call that food better! Statistically your food has the least actual flavour and is killing everybody. Why do you think your food isn’t imported anywhere?!

I’m terribly sorry if anybody has a problem with what I’ve said. Some people just can’t learn to accept the truth.

If you’re English, then I can understand why you’re asking this!

Right listen to me, boy! England has problems now, but that’s no reason to move to America.

Simple fact the only problem England has right now is the Credit Crunch. Who caused that? America!

Listen carefully, boy, if you go to America you will die! I’m not joking, immigrants die in America and over 20% of Americans die each year in their own country! Becuase of their lack of health care and coupled with their terrible diet. I implore you stay in England or you will die. I’m not trying to say that England is better (I’m not an arrogant idiot like people who claim that America is better) I’m just trying to keep you in the best position. Simple fact Americans need to stay in America and Britons need to stay in Britain. It is the most intelligent thing to do at this time!

I hate to go against my strong patriotic senses, but somebody suggested Germany. That’s not a bad idea actually. They’re in about the same financial situation as America and England (once again, thank you America this Credit Crunch was a lovely gift!), but they’re not full of dirty immigrants. Go live with the sausage-suckers if you’re desperate to move!!

John asks…

when did america change from a republic to a democracy?

and why did it change, when a republic is more about individual freedom, and democracy is majority rules

John answers:

Very perceptive! Our Founding Fathers did not create a democracy, as history has proven that “mob rule” is not always wise rule. Instead they created a government that would serve the people through representation, but would be a government by established Laws, not by the fickle and arbitrary rule of men. They set up ingenious checks and balances to keep those laws in place.

Sadly this unique system founded upon the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, and the Bill of rights, that focused upon individual rights and has given America the greatest freedom and prosperity in all time and in all the world has not only been eroding but has now come under massive attack. Historically this has happened when the Executive or Judicial Branches have acted outside of the jurisdiction that was alloted to them, and the people of this country and their Representatives have not called them into check!
“Congress” (both the House and Senate) ALONE have been given the power to make and interpret law, and they can also be put in check by the Executive and Judicial Branches if they move outside of the boundries placed upon them by our Constitution.

Sadly American Constitutional Government has been on a slippery slope for a long time. It is usually at the crisis of war that “emergency” powers are granted and changes are made. Their is always a danger when the boundries of powers are broken. This happened first in the Civil War, and particularly WWII and each time since then. Financial crisis, often connected with wars also have played their part.

At this time we are in danger of losing our wonderful form of government. Liberals do not feel it is something to be protected, but rather something that should be changed. AND, they will not “waste a crisis” in fact, they have created several, like the housing market crash through Freddie and Fanny. But that is a different subject.

Look up the Cloward-Piven’s strategy, also known as “crisis strategy” if you wish to know more about the WHY America is undergoing this change. See other links below too.

By the way, Alinsky, Cloward and Pivens are well read and followed around the world! Have you been noticing the riots worldwide? Here’s an article by Richard Poe that the Tehran Times picked up in 2008.

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