Your Questions About Financial Freedom Of America

Paul asks…

whats more important – freedom or security?

what is more important to Americans today – your freedom or your security?

John answers:

1798- Alien and Sedition Acts: America is in the midst of the quasi war with France. Congress passed a number of bills which allowed for the deportation of people who’s home countries were at war with America as well as made it illegal to publish anything against the government in order to provide security.

1919- Red Raids: Under the leadership of Attorney General Palmer more than 500 citizens had their 5th amendment rights suspended and were deported because they belonged to the communist party and were considered a threat to freedom

1942- Japanese Internment Camps: America is involved in WW2, Japan being one of the main Axis Powers. Congress authorizes the relocation of Japanese citizens, most of whom viewed themselves as Americans, because they feared that these citizens were acting as spies. This act violated a number of constitutional rights, as no evidence was needed to remove Japanese from their homes and into internment camps.

2001- Patriot Act:An anti-terrorism bill that allows for the government to search emails, medical, and financial records in order to insure security.

Having one does not necessarily exclude the other. For example, under social contract, we as citizens of America agree to giving up some of our freedoms (agree to follow laws) in exchange for organization and protection.

However, I do not agree with many of the past actions the government has authorized in the name of security. I believe that our rights to privacy and due process are essential, but they have been violated multiple times in the past. There have to be certain limits on freedom, I should not be allowed to go on a shooting spree simply because I want to. At the same time I do not agree with the idea of suspending some essential guaranteed freedoms in the name of so called ‘security’.

William asks…

Considering America today, where will our society be…?

…with in ten years? Can America “escape” back to individual freedoms or is she “doomed” to socialism/tyranny?? EXAMPLE; American voters have representative Ron Paul but the favored candidate is Mitt Romney. Not bad ya might say, BUT, what about a stabalized dollar, INDIVIDUAL freedoms & the “pursuit of happiness” guarenteed by our constitution? America & our future, don’t wanna even think about it!

John answers:

You future is safe. Whoever is in the Whitehouse, tyrannical or not, will always ensure that America is kept in the top 3 nations in the world.

As a Limey I can’t comment on your domestic-political candidates etc, but as a politics graduate I can say this; your nation is the most powerful on the surface of this earth. It is THE most democratic, there is no other nation-state on the planet in which you can walk out of your front door and be in world of such opportunity (financial, recreational, social, even political!). And despite the heightend domestic surveillance by ‘the good people’ at Homeland security, the sheer size of your country would make it impossible for a totalitarian government to develop, ok in Nazi-Germany it was possible, but remember that Germany can be fitted into the state of Texas 3 times!

America will remain as THE super power well into the next century becuase apart from your military strength, American culture is spread throughout the globe in the form of Music, Sports (Basketball mainly) , and Films and Theatre, and many other areas, and people like it, a lot. So be not worried, Pax Americana is, as the Londoners say over here, “as safe as houses”

Jenny asks…

Americas freedom and the world?

I have a philosophical debate tomorrow and the prompt is:

America‘s freedom depends on a free and democratic world

I’m supposed to refute this idea and give evidence saying that america‘s freedom does not depend on a free and democratic world. I need examples to support this idea. Can anyone give me evidence that supports the idea that Americas freedom does not depend on a free and democratic world during the cold war and during and after world war II?

John answers:

You could easily debate the involvement of the US in other countries, almost forcing them to become democratic with limiting our financial aide to them, or forceable entering their country. With Russia, we aided the Afghans with military training, money, and weapons to help fight, which ended up turning bad on us, especially during our current war. We helped Saddam get into power because we thought it would benefit us, but in the long run, we ended up having to take him out. Things like that. I’m providing a link to an article or essay that you might be able to get talking points from.
Countries that are upset with us because of our involvement with their enemies or because of our arrogance in thinking the world should be one universal democracy. So we are making enemies becoming so involved in other countries disputes.


Thomas asks…

President Obama Talking Bad About America?

Why is President Obama visiting other countries to downgrade America by saying that the USA is responsible for the horrible financial shape that is currently in? Can someone explain the purpose of Obama’s visit to foreign lands?

John answers:

It’s a left wing liberal thing. They can’t stop appologizing for America. Remember, Michelle Obama was never proud to be an American before her husband had a legitimate chance of being nominated to run.

They cannot see the great things this country has done for the rest of the world. They cannot comprehend the liberty that we have given to millions because they’ve never NOT had liberty. Liberty to trash the President, liberty to disgrace and trash the troops that die to defend their liberties. They take for granted the freedoms that none of them would spill a drop of merlot for (let alone blood).

This is just they way they are.. Get used to it.

If you point it out to them, they will just shout you down, call you a hater and a racist. They have the freedom to destroy unborn humans but you don’t have the freedom to wear fur. This is how they think. They have no facts to back them up, Bush is the Devil. Bush is an idiot and yet at the same time Bush is the mastermind behind 9/11, Rosie O’Donnell knows all… Yadda yaddda yadda.

Mary asks…

Is the crisis financial or cultural?

I believe the current political-finacial crisis is at the root cultural. We are rapiidly shifting to a French atheistic socialist model abondoning the democratic, theistic, free market model that made America the greatest nation in the history of civilization. Without a revival in Christianity and the traditional American Family the decline will only accelerate. Your thoughs.

READ: Mark Levin Liberty and Tyranny @
Me M
Rights bestowed by the Creator; is theistic. American government was founded upon theistic principles. Your clip is a good example of the recent shift toward French cultural atheism.

John answers:

“We are rapiidly shifting to a French atheistic socialist model abondoning the democratic, theistic, free market model that made America the greatest nation in the history of civilization.”

If you didn’t notice.. Well as the current recession started in late 2007, It’s hard to argue it’s the result of French socialistic policies. During this time the government was removing restrictions on the market. Also, America has never had a ‘theistic” model. In fact, one of the principles it was founded on is freedom of religion.

The only ‘cultural problem’ was greed and living above ones means.

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