Your Questions About Financial Freedom Of America

William asks…

If Libs aren’t dangerous for the safety security and Freedoms of America, then why?

do they support people, ideas and legislation that do nothing but make the Country weaker and put us deeper in Financial Debt? And with that, I say good night to all.

John answers:

Obama is not a citizen, the Supreme Court is no a Righteous Check and balance against the President, if the Judges are Ever placed by presidents. Senators forget they are to represent voters, not pass Unrighteous Laws that oppress even the middles class. People who say that limiting terms forget that most mistakes by congressmen are done because they have no experience. Every incumbant who voted for the Health care bill should be Voted out. And people who will do the will of their constituants voted in. If this country is truly More Liberal than MORAL, than the country which forsakes God will also be forsaken and the wicked will be swept off the face of theland. Right now the way i see it, is Pres Obama is controlled by the Mafia (criminals and bankers) which are outside of the moral circle of righteousness who seek to destroy the nation. NOT defending the constitution.

P.s. Remember this the constitution, the bill of rights and the declaration of independance was created by people who fought against tyranny. Obama represents tyranny. NOT salvation.

Daniel asks…

Anyone else watched America from freedom to fascism?

Its the documentary by Aaron Russo. It started with how Income Tax and the Fedral System was set up without a definable ratified law in the States. But then it went on about the New World Order, and how central elitist bankers are trying to push through globalisation.
I drew remarkable similarities between US and UK systems – Blurred distinction between political parties, open borders, proposed ID cards, the sly implementation of a failed EU constitution under the new guise of being a simple ‘treaty’, the adoption of single currency, proposed EU wide taxation, loss of civil liberties, increased government eavesdropping, financial powers being turned over to banks, the rise of national debt alongside conumers, the sell off years ago of gold reserves..

Did it make you feel paranoid too?
Now I’m finally behind the postal workers. Power to the people!..
I wasn’t tired, and looking to watch something different – you know.. Didn’t feel like dumbing down for a change..
Can anyone tell me what differentiates the Tories from Labour these days?

Labour changed dramatically with the advent of Blair – a man who is a staunch advocate of globalisation; and the projection of a dominant single world government. I think he threw his weight behind the US on that..

John answers:

I haven’t watched the programme, but can relate to what is going on with the UK government. Blanket cctv (with the proposed listening and xray features), satellite tracking of vehicles, ID cards, imprisonment without due trial (or evidence) under terrorism – or ‘incitement to cause hatred’ – laws is bad enough, but the moment they want to chip and pin me like a dog, I’m going to organise a revolt.

Linda asks…

Help with the Great Depression in America during 1930-40.?

What challenges did they face and how did they respond?
How did the financial crisis challenge existing ideas about freedom in America?
How did the Great Depression affect the daily lives of American between 1930-40?

John answers:

They faced the stock crashes. Many people in the 1930’s and 1940’s would invest in stocks b/c it was very popular and many people earned money from stocks. One day, the stocks go down and many stop investing in stocks. Also, the banks use their money to expand their companies to keep from running out of business. Many people decide to withdraw their money, so that banks have to shut down b/c of no money to use. Many people were homeless because the banks would often shut down and some people would lose their money in their bank accounts. There were soup kitchens and people would line up on the streets to receive food.

Chris asks…

America’s debt? Iraq and Urban American?

From the Bill O’Reilly and Obama Interview, Obama pressed his case that the war in Iraq had misdirected America‘s financial resources. He refuse to say that the surge had been a success. But stressed that the Iraqis have not yet stepped up to self-governance, self-reliance and should pay the United States back for the cost of their freedom and protection. This statement made me think.

How much and how long are we going to support the urban communities?
When will this group become self-governing and self-supporting?
The United States have lost more policemen in this arena, than we have lost in Iraq. There is more voilence in these neighorhood than in the neighborhoods of Bagdad. When will the United States government stop funding and expect them to be accountable for their decisions and lives..

John answers:

As long as we continue to Flood our Urban Areas with handouts,and continue to act as if they are somehow Victims of Society,rather than expecting them to follow the same standards as the rest of us,our cities will continue to be cesspools.The best thing we could do at this point is just abandon them,let them succeed or fail with zero help from us.If they decide to better their lives great,if they decide to shoot it out,drug themselves into oblivion,and utterly destroy themselves until nothings left that works too.At least all the productive members of society wouldn’t be bankrolling their failure.


Nancy asks…

Why do Americans keep voting into office the same Usual Suspects?

We Americans are squandering our hard-earned and fought for freedoms. Both the Dems and Repubs are lying and cheating us out of our freedoms and financial viability as a country. America has become involved in wars, social spending programs, etc., that have been created to enslave us. Both the Iraq and Vietnam Wars were instigated on false premises, by both Republican and Democrat Administrations. When are we as a country going to wake up and toss these charlatans out on their collective behinds and vote into office people who really care, and will uphold the Constitution?

John answers:

Because they are the only ones who run. If anyone decent does run they usually don’t have enough money to stay in the race long enough to gain popularity.

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