Your Questions About Financial Freedom Of America

George asks…

Has anyone had any experience with financial freedom of america?

Was it good or bad would you recomend them or not?

John answers:

From the Rip-Off Report Website:

Financial Freedom Of America offers 4 programs. Debt negotiation program, consolidation program, bankruptcy, and credit restoration. Financial Freedom of America’s debt negotiation program is rip off and a scam. I do not know about the other programs but I know that where there is smoke there is fire and I would not trust the other programs of Financial Freedom of America.

When you sign up for Financial Freedom of America, you are told to sign a contract so they can negotiate your debt to around 45 cents on the dollar. If you agree to this, you are also giving your banking info and giving them the right to charge $360 a month to extract from your bank account, which will go towards paying off the negotiated debt.

But here is actually what happens. They take $360 a month directly from your account, and never negotiate your debt. Ever! If you are patient with them, it may take your months – years to figure out that Financial Freedom of America is a scam and you are being ripped off. And in order to cancel the contract it costs $300.

How do they continue? Because you are strong armed into signing the contract, thinking they will do what they say, and by the time you figure out they won’t, you have lost thousands.

They did return emails, but never phone calls. They blamed it on bad communication, but in the end, no debt was negotiated and I only lost money. They also tried to get me to open up an extra escrow account, saying they need to have the additional money to better negotiate the debt. Luckily, I refused this and then began to question them. If you do open up an additional account, it is very doubtful you will see that money again. They will drag out the process for as long as possible.

Financial Freedom of America is a rip off, a scam, and although from time to time they actually do their job to keep up appearances, they are out to rip you off and take advantage of people trying to sort out credit problems.

From Pissed Consumer dot com:

Company enrolls disadvantage individuals to help them eliminate debt. They do not EVER deliver what they have promised! By the time clients catch on to thier scam, they are several thousands of dollars into the program (which they will never be refunded)and further in debt. Often, the only solution to this already desperate situation is to do what they set out to avoid… File Bankrupcy.

Once in the program, you will be passed from agency to agency. You will never get a clear answer to any problem you call to address. They will ask you to stop paying your creditors, and set the payments aside in a seperate account. Then they say after a few months, they will begin negotiating with your creditors.

NOT! Your creditors will not wait years for you to accumulate enough money to buy down your debt. They WILL take you to court and get judgements against you that will enable them to place leins on your properties, and garnish your wages. Financial Freedom will not help you, but rather ignore you.

I am looking for others who too have experienced simular problems with this company so that I may initiate a class action lawsuit. After doing further research, I have discovered they have also been investigated by CBS.

Before you even consider entering a program like this, ask for the name and number of past clients who have completed thier program. YOU WON’T FIND ANY!

Draw your own conclusions from these two reports. Myself? I wouldn’t take the chance!

Good luck!

Lizzie asks…

Has anyone ever dealt with Financial Freedom of America?

John answers:

Why are you asking?

What does their program entail and how much are they charging for it?

Google them and check with the BBB. If they are just helping you manage your debt, you can do that yourself. Google the term “debt stacking” or “accelerated debt payoff”.

Mark asks…

I’m confused. Why aren’t Meican’ allowed to come to America again? European Colonization or Illegal Aliens?

So Europeans came to North America and “discovered” this great land, gave my people one sided treaties to sign, massacred millions of innocent children and woman and called as “savages” and put us on reservations.

And claimed North America as their own.

So if Europeans came here unwelcomed (well actually they were welcomed, Native people believe we don’t own anything, the air, the animals, people etc. and were more than willing to share the land. But white people wanted more and more and more and so they did’t want to share so. . .)

Europeans came to North America for Freedom, financial opportunities, adventure, religious purposes.

So why aren’t Mexicans, Columbians, etc. Why aren’t they allowed to do the same thing? why are they labeled “illegal aliens?” what did they do to deserve this? because they are taking up space? because they are taking “the white mans” employment opportunities? do you have any idea how naive and ignorant those excuses sound.

So the white man can force its beliefs, its way onto a land, a country, a race and “justify it” but when its some other race looking for the exact same reasons. “freedom, financial opportunities etc” they are deemed “illegal, dirty immigrants?”. My my, look whose calling the kettle black.

I’m glad the muslim and spanish communities will over take the USA by 2050 to be very honest.

In about 100 years the white population will be but a minority.

Hopefully the world isn’t around to see 20+ billion people with limited resources dwindling, Bedlam will be sure to follow suit.
you have no idea hwat you are talking abou j smooth you fucking fool. Quit talking out of your ass.

John answers:

Nobody is just free to walk in – each country, including mexico and columbia has a quota each year.
Whitey took over the land because he could, and because he was heartless.
The big deal about mexicans is that there are way too many of them right on our border dying to get in, obviously.
When the country was “settled” there was obviously quite a bit of space to fill still, unlike today, so limits on immigration weren’t a big deal. I’m sure it was somewhat racist even back then though.
I think it sucks royally how the natives were murdered, abused, and displaced.

Steven asks…

Why does America boast about its freedom, when its really not that free D:?

Rambling on~

Comparitively I think britain has a better sense of freedom then America does D:?
Also notice how theres like road blocks to your privelage of freedom.. i.e. why must someone be 21 to by alchohol.. 18 to buy a cig, 20 to get in clubs… 16/15 to get a permit… 24 to file for financial aid independent of their parents.

Even the freedom of speech is obscured… if speech is really a freedom how can you tell kids they can’t bring their bibles/koran/burkas/pentagrams into public school/talk about it freely? Why can’t kids learn about homosexuality? How come sex education is lacking in most schools? Why is it so hard for a child to get emancipated from their parents?

Anyone else find “land of a free” as a crappy interpetation of USA’s reality.. I think “land of liers” fit better. PPL lie to get in office, lying nets profit to many companies, presidents scam the populous to help their friends, divorce rate is high, true freedom of pursuing happiness is only offered to a specific populous, some states can’t even own arms legally, … why are there illegal drugs? (you can’t be free to do drugs)… can’t even drive without a seatbelt if you don’t want to.. well you can just hope u dont get pulled over~ being a prostitue is illegal wdf?

John answers:

Well there has to be some laws you know…we can’t just go all anarchistic.

21 to buy alcohol: One reason is because the brain isn’t fully developed until that age.
18 for cigarettes: I think that’s more of a common sense thing
16 for permit: And how old is it in Britain? I think I’d be staying off the roads if I saw thirteen year olds driving around.
20(?) to get into clubs: Hey, if that club is on private property and the owners want it to be adults only, that’s their decision.

Not being able to bring bibles, etc into school. Actually kids can. It’s just a minority group who wants to pretend that religion doesn’t exist and they try to get everyone else to pretend along with them. Well, along with “political correctness” (which is one of the dumbest things ever to be imposed onto people) and the fear that someone might be offended (equally as ridiculous)

Homosexuality: I have read that in California there’s this group that’s trying to force the subject into schools. One of the lessons? All students must choose a gay or lesbian person that they “admire”

Emancipation: Is it easy for most teens to prove that a) they can survive on their own, b) are responsible enough, and c) that they actually have a legitimate reason?

What do you mean some states can’t own arms legally? Examples?

Illegal drugs: Remember what happened when much of the Chinese population became addicted to opium?


It just sounds to me that you took a bunch of things that you don’t like and used it to say that America isn’t really free. While I personally believe that our freedoms are at some risk from groups within our society, we are still the world’s most free nation. Do a lot more research before rambling about how a few things you don’t like equates to America not really being free.

Sandra asks…

Don’t Americans realize that financial regulatory reform is far worse for America than healthcare reform?

Tea Partiers should protest finance reform en masse. According to Heritage, free market economies like Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Singapore and Hong Kong all have universal healthcare as well as capital markets and banks that are far less regulated than America‘s. If Sarbanes-Oxley 2.0 passes, America will be easily overtaken by Denmark in terms of economic freedom.

John answers:

Lack of regulation is what got us into this mess in the first place.

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