Your Questions About Financial Freedom Network

Steven asks…

What are your opinions of Network Marketing?

Is Network Marketing a scam or is it a way to acheive financial freedom & residual income? How do you identify a good Network Marketing company?

John answers:

I personally feel that MLM is a good way to achieve residual income.. As for financial freedom.. That depends on how hard the person wants to work..

Well, if I did not have such thinking, I wouldn’t already be in this industry for 3 years 😉

Hmm.. Different people look for diff things while searching for a network marketing company.

Some look at the company support, some look at the payout and how you earn money, some at the culture, some at the products (how safe or easy it is to sell), some like myself look at the leaders.

I am a firm believer that there are not successful businesses in teh world but only successful people. In my company, we specialize in training people to become successful business enterpreneurs..

And also, I admire, respect and like my mentor i am working with. Someone told me that if the company you choose is a ship, how fast you get to your destination and whether you are going in the right direction and wehther the ship will sink will all be determined by the Captain of the ship..

I think I have found a good captain:) In fact, last night we had someone from another company who has been in the industry for 15 years.. This top leader had 300 000 downlines in his hey days and he said that my mentor is one of the very few people he really admires and upholds as a benchmark to become in this industry which is also full of money minded people…

So you really might want to start thinking about what kind of people you want to work with as well..

Take your time to do your ‘shopping’ and if you like, I can share with you more about my company as well.. 😉 Just email me at

Michael asks…

MLM/Network Marketing? Does success come at the expense of others?

To be successful in the industry of MLM/Networking you have to accept the fact that the design of the marketing plan is set up to attract the naive. Right or wrong?
You are taught that less is more when spreading the word.
To build business, do you have to accept that many fail by design? (Many independent stats show 97% or higher)
Are the trainings set up to teach taking advantage of others?
For example, not giving full information and targeting peoples needs for extra income. Many times MLM/Network Marketing creates new buying habits for the hope or chance of financial freedom yet less then 3% ever experience profit from participation.

John answers:

I am one of those who went from a tragic MLM experience to the next for several years now. I used to have a lot of faith in the system, and lots of motivation in the early 90’s. Back in Europe i went with Schwartz for a few months, and didn’t make anything, actually i ended up losing over a thousand the first month, between travelling costs, openings and meetings, with fees ranging between 50 and 200 US dollars. I think i still have some of those tapes and video cassettes. For a while i thought i was simply not cut out for the system. I tried Amway for a number of years, then Herbalife. I moved to Australia for a while and there i decided to try Network21, which had considerably lower start-up costs than in Europe.

After almost 10 years of pulling out and getting sucked back in, i finally resolved that you can slice and dice any mlm system as hard as you want, but still it will never give you the result you want OR the results advertised.

Sorry folks, but a decent day-job will beat any of these mlm schemes any day of the week.

Charles asks…

Is earning extra income important to you?

I have found an opportunity to build a network of friends, work from home, and earn extra money doing it. No matter what’s important to you, you can get out of debt, spend more time at home, or obtain the financial freedom to live as you choose. If earning extra income is important to you, let me know why. I can give you more information on this opportunity. This is a business that works if you work it. If you want different results you have to do something different!

John answers:

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Laura asks…

network marketing and multilevel marketing (MLM)?

Are they real? Does anyone really get “financial freedom” through them? Why do they all say someone who has no interest or experience in selling can still do it? If the person has no interest in selling, why do they still push it? is anyone else irritated with these types of “businesses”?

John answers:

In reality, if you really work hard at something, you can “make it”. Same goes form MLM. You have to work very very hard at it, its not just a part-time thing like they claim.

And look at the numbers, probably thousands have tried, but only one made it rich. Therefore, it becomes just like any other business.

Personally, I don’t feel that they’re that legitimate though.

John asks…

Where can I find serious business builders that are looking for a home based health and wellness business?

I’m looking to expand my home based health and wellness business sharing proprietary products that are formulated in Switzerland, made in the US and target 6 key consumer markets. There are over 350 consumable products giving one a nice residual check rather then 1 time sales. Some of our top earners are making six figures and earning time and financial freedom. It’s a secure and stable company (been in business 27 years), debt free, no territories to limit growth, no inventory, no sales requirements, unlimited income potential, free online training, online support, committed leadership, Mercedes Benz car program, with the most generous compensation plan in the industry. The company is booming with an average of 111% growth every year since 2002. I’m looking for serious business builders that like networking, group and/or 1-on-1 presentations, and sharing an opportunity. Is anyone in the US or Canada interested or know where I can find these business builders?
Thank you D, you are absolutely right. This company does not require money upfront, monthly payments, or minimum purchases. It’s $29 to register with the company and that’s it, no scams and no surprises. Thanks for your answer.

John answers:

I recommend you link with the Business Opportunity Search Engine. Being community driven it’s a cross between a search engine and a Wikipedia. You can add, delete and improve the results for much more focused answers than a general search engine can provide. Http://

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