Your Questions About Financial Freedom

David asks…

What is the ideal frivilous lawsuit to initiate in order to start myself on the road to financial freedom?

John answers:

Sue Y’Answers for issuing best answer points to one of your deleted avatars, and then stealing, by never intending for you to receive them, but fraudulently informing the world that you had. That should get me ten points, and you ten million!

Chris asks…

What are the top three most important things towards financial freedom?

John answers:

Financial freedom can be said to be achieved when you have no Debts to repay.
Where all your financial needs are met from your own resources.
Where you have achieved credit rating for your financial transactions.
Where your Business associates look towards you for financial guidance and appreciate the manner you effectively handel your finance.

Ken asks…

What are the best, legal, and fastest ways to achieve financial freedom?

A question for the stress-less class. what steps need to be taking (what worked and what didn’t work for you as far as saving money) in order for me, to become financially stable and free. I currently have money stashed away in my shoe box collection, and my savings account, with very minimal in my checking accountant. Guess poppa was a rolling stone- couldn’t RAISE me to be a man but tried to TEACH me to be man. Its time for me to step out on my own success story.

John answers:

Well the show box is your worst investment.

Over time the value of cash will decrease due to inflation. Inflation is expected to soar over the next 3 years.

At least put the money in CD’s.

Unless you have the visionary and execution talent of a Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Andy Grove (intel), Steve Wozniak, Larry Ellison, etc, then, the best investment is a college education.

Maria asks…

best way to achieve financial freedom usa?

i’m trying to make some money online but can’t really make those “systems” work:S
i bought some clickbank products but can’t profit from them.
do you have any courses that you can share?
what steps need to be undertaken to get financial freedom?

John answers:

If you think you are going to earn money just like this without learning anything then trust me you won’.’t
I read emails and get paid to do it. Sometimes my kids help me. You get paid about 0.03 per email and that’s where all the dreamers (most everyone) drop off!!
But now I earn about $5 a day spending very little time, maybe 10 minutes a day or about an hour a week. I am not going to write up a course here for you but I am only here to say yu can make some money, get into it and learn.

Carol asks…

Why have we as Americans given so much of our financial freedom away?

Spending beyond means over and over.

I’m just as guilty. I just wonder why we don’t seem, as a whole, to have a restraint button.

John answers:

I, personally, have learned to live within my means and carry no debt. However, I know that I am the exception to the rule.

The reason that Americans, as a whole, cannot seem to exercise restraint is because we are the victims of billions of dollars spent to convince us that we need more, and we need it now. Then we are offered ways to get it all now and pay for it later. But since so many of us tend to live in the moment, we don’t plan for how we will pay for it later. This is what gets us into trouble.

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