Your Questions About Financial Freedom

Thomas asks…

What is the key of financial freedom y’all?

Average independant women are still facing problems with their partners. Does money play a role in those situations?
And even if they want things to work out but it seems really hard for them to handle, it is just so unfair.

John answers:

The key to our success is dedication, ambition, the drive, the need, the desire and the want. Set a goal and go for it and don’t stop to you get there. It’s not as difficult as it seems, you just have to put the effort into what you want to accomplish and the time that it takes to get there.


Mandy asks…

How can I give my mom the gift of financial freedom for Mother’s Day?

Her husband passed away and left her with some money and she has a job but she is trying hard to live off of the little bit of money from both. Her house is small and she has a roommate who is helping out. I can’t afford to give her money but I’m looking for unique ideas on how to help her financially for Mother’s day. I’m thinking of making a book of ideas on how to lower her expenses or how to take care of her finances. Any unique ideas would be great!

John answers:


Just keep sending her money and keep dialogue open on how to save money on food and clothes.

Charles asks…

Is small business/entreprenuership the only way to gain financial freedom in today’s stagnet economy?

I keep reading articles these day’s suggesting, mainly to women, that a side “hustle” or entreprenuership is the only way in today’s economy to become more financialy sound. Does anyone agree with this?

John answers:

You can’t get wealthy working for someone else, unless you win the lottery.

George asks…

What can you tell me about your experience with a MLM company called Financial Freedom Society Inc?

As a home business it sounds like you just set up a web site to attract prospects and then somebody else takes over. Is it possible to be involved beyond the recruiting stage?

John answers:

No i dont know mlm company

Richard asks…

How do i start my self on a road to financial freedom?

If i have a G.E.D. 10,000 owed to child support and about another 6,000 in misc. debt my current annual income 26,000 also living expences total about 1,000 to 1,200 monthly…………….. please help need advice

John answers:

You have all ready started – you realized you need to seek help and i will be firm but honest with you it will not be a easy road but we can make it — first your debt is way low for you income — expenses 14400 a year vs debt of 16000 so you have roughly 12k to pay off 16k worth of debt… First of all what ever the court say your child support should be pay it plus 25% that will work off part of that debt — the 6k since sine the amount is so low make payments on all the large ones and pay off the smallest one in full as quickly as possible and work on up the line — i know that goes against the rule of paying off highest interest first but you need to reward your self and getting out of any one of these will be a reward. Follow these few simple steps in 18 months you will be asking what do i do with the xxk i have in savings!!!

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