Your Questions About Financial Freedom

Helen asks…

How many moms have a stay at home business?

I am not talking about Ebay or selling items you buy. How many moms have a legitimate business? Check out My husband and I started doing our websites 11 months ago, and now we are incorporated and we work about 2 hours per day! My husband turned in his 2 week notice to his job and we are going to be at home. Right now we are making a little more than $10,000 per month. The woman who wrote this book is awesome and she has a money back guarantee! I believe everyone should have a chance at financial freedom!!!

John answers:

Or…if you dont feel like paying for something…or wanna make the money needed to pay for this program check this program out. Its TOTALLY free, so what could it hurt? Heres the best way to get started though…. First, you should create a seperate email account for this, or really any online site you will need to give your email to cause they will spam you with emails. Then go to… And register with that new email. All you have to do is take surveys and answer questions, nothing more, nothing less. You’re going to see surveys where you can make anywhere from $10-50 but avoid those. They will end up asking you to buy something or sign up for a trial or something like that and its really not worth it. Stick with the $.50-2.00 surveys. Do 8-12 $1 surveys in an hour…you do the math. Message me if you have any questions

Ken asks…

Can I patent a product that hasnt had a patent yet?

If Is it a way to financial freedom?

John answers:

In the PTO [Patent and Trademark Office]. There’s an expression:
“Unless acted on, ideas are a dime a dozen.”

These are the things you need to do to bring your idea and invention to the marketplace.

You need to write- down your idea on paper.

A general practitioner or corporate attorney simply will not do. You need to consult a good, reputable patent attorney in your area.

You need to make a prototype.

You need to design a business plan to perhaps get it patented.

You need to raise money from a venture capitalist so you can get your invention into production to go on the market.

Thanks for asking your Q! I enjoyed answering it!

Ron Berue
Yes, that is my real last name!

Sandy asks…

Is the EU and socialism dragging Europe down?

So I just finished a trip and study of part of Europe, and was left with a fair impression, but I couldn’t help but feel that everyone had very little financial freedom, far less than people have in America, Australia, and to a slightly lesser extent, Canada.
What was especially surprising was that most people here make less money than in the USA, get taxed more, and then everything is nearly twice the price!
So is the strength of the Euro causing these problems? Is the weight of supporting the poorer nations of the European Union dragging France and Germany down? Lastly, is the high tax rate and socialism responsible for the relative financial difficulty here?

John answers:

Life in Europe is very good. The taxes go to education and healthcare. But since taxes are higher, there is a less entreupinal spirit in Europe compared to the USA. Which is why the USA has companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, and pretty much leads the world when it comes to consumer and information technology products. And yes, our take-home pay is higher. I’m an American living in Germany working for an American company and get paid in dollars, but even taking into consideration the exchange rate and strong Euro, I have more disposable income compared to your average German.

It’s a give-and-take, and neither system is superior to the other. It depends on your individual circumstances, and whether you want a life of risk-taking and ambition (USA) or security and stability (EU).

James asks…

Do you believe feelings have energy?

I have been reading a book and it talks about feelings having poitive and negative feelings. They did a study showing that negative feelings left unresolved could bring on illness, financial problems, and depression. Positive feelings could lead to good health, financial freedoms, and happiness.
It also says that all of our birth experiences relate to how we feel and relate to others.
What do you think? Do you believe that your birth into the world has a lot to do with how you view the world? Do you think that your feelings determine if you are happy, sad, rich or poor?

John answers:

There’s a healing technology that sees all negative emotions as disruptions in the body’s energy systems. It rebalances and collapses these negative emotions through accupressure point tapping and affirmations. Sounds weird, but it actually works. I use it in my coaching practice with rather amazing results.

It’s called the Emotional Freedom Techique. Google this and look for Gary Craig’s stuff. A lot of free stuff and really easy to learn. Well worth the time.

But to your point about negative emotions and physical aliments… I did EFT on my brother who has a sore knee he could barely walk on. Within 10 minutes of some tapping and affirmations, he walked without pain. In his case, emotions around fear of loosing his business seemed to be the issue. Once we took down the intensity of that emotion, his knee felt much better. So yes, I think there’s a relationship between emotions and physical symptoms.

Do birth experiences matter? Sure. As do many experiences we have, especially those we just haven’t processed. I think that’s why we have physical pain; to call our attention to the need to heal.

Donna asks…

What is the best phone actress jobs?

I am a single mom looking to be able to stay at home with my son while having financial freedom. I have heard from a few people that you can make decent money being a phone actress. I would like some info only from those who have been employed in this position. Please help if you have info. I have checked out but not really sure what I am looking for. Thanks so much
On avg, what can I expect to make a week?

John answers:

It is truely wonderful work, very flexible, and you are definitely rewarded on your abilities. You will have time for your kids, because you will be very relaxed. You will need to be very detailed, open minded, confident and charismatic (best word to describe the best actresses), I will provide a couple of links about what to expect and if you have any other questions I will be happy to help.

Http:// (this is an orientation video, give good info) (she gives alot of info)

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