Your Questions About Financial Freedom

Jenny asks…

To win or to work a job that is the question?

What do you believe. Are we meant to be employees that work a job untill we drop or is there wisdom in finding a legit opportunity that can provide financial freedom?

John answers:

NO ONE IS “meant to be employees that work a job untill we drop” mr. RestOfYourLifeOff. Go for your dream in “a legit opportunity that can provide financial freedom”

I have never been happy working for ANYONE most of life has been spent in my own busineses. In all honesty I have had to work for others in between “career changes”….I have gone thru about eight in my life, but never did I surrender my goal to be an individual self made Businessman. And I will continue do so till my last breath.

Ken asks…

I want to start my own business Help! need advice?

I am a stay at home mother of three. I want to start my own business. I have little start up cost. So I am looking for ideas of what type of business to start. Should I go into business alone or should I try one of these online business opportunities? I need a business that gives me financial freedom and freedom of my time!

John answers:

The “make money at home, online” websites are almost all scams of one sort or another. If you want to start a business the only chance of success is starting something you know about and hopefully enjoy.

William asks…

How did rich people REALLY get rich?

I mean you have bills every month that must be paid. Did they just say, “The heck with this month’s rent if I go homeless I just go homeless and sacrifice this money on starting my own business or something wild and crazy like that. Did they more conservatively slave their way to financial freedom by nickel and diming the life savings on an investment, felt the love for what they do and like hocus freaking pocus ended up with a fat money bag. Somebody’s got to explain this sh*t to me, because if none of you can’t then there’s no purpose of me working hard all my life for absolutely nothing. Rich people you have some serious explaining to do. I’m not talking about “How to get rich books for $19.99” Something that’s a damn scam to make you $19.99 richer! Myself, $19.99 poorer. I’m on to that one. I want solid facts. No bulljive!

John answers:

Most of them are born into it.

Betty asks…

“I have a great BUSINESS opportunity. How can I give it to people through the Internet?”?

The business gives financialfreedom, time-freedom,lifestyle and much more

John answers:

Advertise it through the internet.
Look for related classifieds.
Google for the right keywords (below) and you will get a good list of websites.
Keywords for you to do a search:-
Make Money Classifieds
Online Business Classifieds
Internet Business Classifieds
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MLM Prelaunch

Lisa asks…

Is investing on stockmarket a good way to make profit?

Please explain how stockmarket works and how do i make a profitable gain in a lame man term. I really want to breakout and have financial freedom

John answers:

When you sell shares of stock for more than you paid, you realize a capital gain, also known as a profit.

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