Your Questions About Financial Freedom

Sharon asks…

What has stocks helped you accomplish?

Im new to stocks and interested in starting. I know successful trading is not a get rich quick scheme that takes disciple and time. If your an active investor I would like to know how much investing in stocks, bonds, options, forex, etc. has helped you financially. Has it helped you achieve financial freedom?

John answers:

Look these over

Thomas asks…

Has there ever been a large government that voluntarily shrunk and increased the freedoms of its people?

It seems as if governments just keep growing, keep taking more, both financial, assets, freedoms …until they are overthrown.

What real evidence or historical cases exist that would falsify this theory?

John answers:

No, and it is doubtful that you will ever see it happen.

James asks…

Why are two different mortgages shown for one house?

My grandpa sold his old house in 1996 for around 450,000. Bought a new house out right for 210,000. Got a reverse mortgage maybe in 2007? Now my mom has POA and may have to sell his house. She got paperwork which said on 2007 he had 2 mortgages. One for around 400,000 from HUD USA. The other from Financial freedom, but doesn’t say the amount.
A lot of his money is gone somehow. We thought he might have hid the money. Why does it show 2 mortgages? Did he buy another house without us knowing? He is very shadey with his money, being a stingy person. How do we access this money? He needs it or he might need to go to a nursing home.
My mom asked if he had that money and he smiled and said “no it’s a mistake” then fell asleep.
Please help us solve this. Thanks.

John answers:

If he currently has a reverse mortgage on his home the title will revert to the lender if he is placed in a residential care home. The reverse lender gave him up front cash for the property with the agreement that he no longer had to pay a mortgage and he could live there as long as he could. I suggest your mother hire a good attorney to research his accounts and find out what happened to his assets. Good Luck

Mandy asks…

Would anyone give me a million dollars?

I honestly just think it would be cool. I would like to use it to make more money, which I would mainly donate to charity and use to support myself. I don’t even want a Mansion or anything, just some more financial freedom.

John answers:

@ shoredude2 ; I will answer in the affirmative.

Sure, turn on your shredder and I will fax it right over. Anything else?

P S asking for a million dollars is so passe’

Linda asks…

Why law of attraction didn’t give you financial freedom you wanted?

Why law of attractions didn’t give me the financial freedom I wanted.I’m getting the result on every other aspects but not on this one

John answers:

Because I bought “IT” because I was attracted to “IT” and realized too late that I paid too much for “IT”.
Financial freedom has quite a lot to do with how much something cost compared to how much someone wants “IT”.
In order to have real financial freedom whatever “IT” is needs to be able to pay for itself.

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