Your Questions About Financial Freedom

Ken asks…

How do i become financially FREE?

I have explored everything from online business to having my own consulting business but none have afforded financial freedom. How do i achieve financial freedom?

John answers:

Dont borrow from anybody.

William asks…

Do you have a bachelor’s degree and live paycheck to paycheck?

Did anyone believe they would be financially well off because they graduated with a 4-year degree, yet have not seen the promise of financial freedom that was to come with it that was promised in the 1980s?

John answers:

My best mate has a bachelor’s in maths and science, with loads of experience in database technology. When he first entered the work force he made decent money, then as he gained more experience he found better positions at companies that eventually gave him a six figure salary. Now he’s not making as much, due to the poor economy, and he’s paying off some debts that have him strapped for cash sometimes.
However, I do know of a few individuals who possess bachelor or higher degrees, who are unable to find work or have to settle for menial positions that pay next to nothing.

Charles asks…

Someone please correct my writing in a sophisticated manner with correct grammer.?

I always was looking forward to being mature and old. How I felt about being 35 years old may seem non-sensical and only facades. I only imagined of quixotic and beautiful sides of it such as having financial freedom and adultness, but I didn’t aware of any responsibilities or burdens that have to carry with.

John answers:

I was always looking forward to being mature and advanced in years. How I felt about being 35 years old may seem non-sensical and somewhat of an illusion… I had in mind only the quixotic and beautiful sides of it, such as experiencing financial freedom and being an adult; but I didn’t took into account any of the responsibilities, or burdens that I may have to carry out.

Chris asks…

Where would be the best place to start in internet marketing business?

I am interested and ready to make my first move in developing an internet marketing business. I am a huge fan of Robert Kiyosaki and it was after reading his book,”Business School”, that I have been convinced internet marketing would be an excellent place for me to begin my journey. I have huge dreams and seek financial. freedom

John answers:

Internet…make a site thats actually good and get some several thousand hits a day. After that then advertising companies will pay you to put their adds on your website…..

Maria asks…

Question for straight men: What is most important trait in a woman you want to marry?

The traits she brings to the table…
A. Honesty & Loyalty
B. Physical Beauty from Head to Toe
C. Advanced Degrees & Financial Freedom
D. Unconditional Love

John answers:

Well B always comes first no matter what people say. If she’s not attractive enough or cute enough, you probably would not even notice her. Now let’s say she’s a 7
Then comes D. If she is sincere and likes you, her 7 rating gets bumped to a 9.
Now if someone loves you unconditionally, they will never cheat on you, so that’s when A comes in.
I am a smart guy so I am pretty sure I can feed a family of two. But I guess C can be in the end, to help lift the burden.

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