Your Questions About Financial Freedom

Daniel asks…

How do I deal with social disorder?

I am social but can never manage to socialize myself into a good job, wife, financial freedom or happiness

I see 18 year olds start out better and 26 year olds living happy. It upsets me soooo much

I have all these great attributes but I’m still stupid

What am I doing wrong?

Do I need therapy?

John answers:

Yes, therapy should really help you out in your situation.
If you haven’t seen a doctor about this yet then i just suggest you do. Bring a list of all the symptoms you feel and also how it’s affecting your life and if necessary he will prescribe you medication.
The doctor will probably also refer you to a place which provides therapy.

Good luck!
Just remember, you are not the only one going through this.

Sandra asks…

Can you make a full time income being a writer online?

I recently ordered a course that claimed I good quit my day job and become a writer, no special talent required, it did not cost much so I ordered it, only to be disappointed, as I don’t see how its going to enable me to quit my day job, I am disappointed as I thought it would give me financial freedom, am I gullible? It seemed so genuine and there where no bad write ups on the internet, is there a way to make money as a full time writer?

John answers:

I write for a magazine and submit my copy on line and so do most other writers.

Sandy asks…

Is education important for for success or it is just waste of time and money?

If eduation is so important to get better job,success and financial freedom,then why many success full enterprenior are college or school drop out?Is higher education which is so expensive many have to take loan and aste time and money which could be used for starting buisness for example?

John answers:

Unless you can be like them. That is, ‘too cool for school’, too smart, too talented to be taught. If you are an ordinary person, u need schooling.

Richard asks…

A way to supplement my income online?

I am currently a full time student with a part time job. I am really wanting to find a way to have a little more financial freedom. Do you guys know a non-scam site that will offer this? I am hoping to add $700-$1000 a month if this is even possible.

Thanks a lot!

John answers:

You are so hopeful, and so naive that I suspect you’ll end up eventually getting scammed in one way or another.

There are no legitimate online “jobs”, the overwhelming majority are scams.

And the very few legitimate ones pay out cents per assignment – if you are lucky and hardworking you may earn as much as $5 per month.

Go and do some research – like checking the archives of this forum – and you will be so much more informed and wiser about this subject.

Maria asks…

What Job will alow me to have everything I want out of life?

I’m really interested in self. I like self knowledge, self understanding, self employed, self assured. I’m also interested in freedom: freedom of expression, financial freedom, freedom of choice. I enjoy solving problems and I would like to work with nature and animals. I like the healthy life leanning more towards holistic. I also Like the Ancient world blended with the world of the future. What Job would give me financial indipendence within 5 yearse well still allowing me to enjoy all my interest at a wim?
I really like Self Improvement too: Mind, Body, Spirit, Social, etc.

John answers:

No job will allow you all of the self-indulgence that you crave, with no attendant obligations.

Anything that allows you complete freedom of expression doesn’t pay well. Just ask any working artist.

Anything that pays highly will not allow you to indulge yourself at whim. The corporate world demands punctuality whether you work directly for the corporation, or maintain the illusion of independence through the one-person company that works for them under contract.

Jobs in nature or with animals really don’t pay well, and require several years of study.

Healthy living is a choice that you can make, no matter what you do for a living.

The first step is the same now as it has ever been:

Know Thyself.

All else is the opiate of the masses.

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