Your Questions About Financial Freedom

James asks…

financial freedom?

i got something in the mail and it is of a company financial freedom i dont really know what it is for but i was wondering if it works becaus it says something about giving 1000 dollars.
so does it actually work?

John answers:


Do you really think you will get a free offer to make thousands in the mail randomly?!?!?

George asks…

IndyMac owns Financial Freedom. Is it still safe to get a reverse mortgage with Financial Freedom?

We are in the process of signing papers with Financial Freedom but I worry about them since the government seized their parent company IndyMac Bank. They say they can still make loans, but I worry if they will be able to continue the monthly payments. If I went with them, could I transfer to another lender at a later time?

John answers:

As long as you are going with the HECM product you have nothing to worry about. The beauty of the HECM reverse mortgage is that it is government insured. This means that if something were to ever happen to Financial Freedom the government transfers the loan and not only guarantees your payments but they also guarantee that you will get them on time. The government did a good job covering all possibilities with this one

Michael asks…

what are steps to take to achieve financial freedom?

my goal in life is to achieve financial freedom as soon as possible.
I never went to university though…do i need to go?
im 23years old right now

since highschool grad ive been just working to support myself and save some money on the side.
what i want to do is to invest or start a business

recently ive been doing some reading on how to invest and doing business..and such
but i have no previous experience.

any advice ?

John answers:

I suggest that you go to the library and get some autobiographies of people who have gone from ‘rags to riches’.

I will tell you that it is not straightforward nor is it all down to luck either although luck does come into it. You could end up working 90 hours a week on a venture and end up not only loosing every thing but in debt too.

Finding a lucrative opening in any venture is also about being in the right place at the right time.

It is good that you have started to save a little. You do need education but there is no reason why you should not educate yourself by research and tapping into other peoples knowledge.

I can not tell you how you can get rich quick, other than buy a winning lottery ticket. Enter every free competition there is and apply to TV game shows, you could win something.

Just believe in yourself. Look out for what people want and find a way of supplying it.

As for investing. At 23, invest in yourself. 00

Ruth asks…

The practical Guide to Total Financial Freedom Volume 1 is amazing?

I have heard only good things about this book, does anyone know if The practical Guide to Total Financial Freedom: Volume 1 is as good as they say? Im thinking about buying it for sure at my bookstore, anyone love it?
I found it at amazon and might order it:″

John answers:

I don’t like it.

Paul asks…

What books can help me to achieve financial freedom? I read the the 4 hour work week, but I feel it is not th?

What books can help me to achieve financial freedom? I read the the 4 hour work week, but I feel it is not that great.

John answers:

Anything by or suggested reading by Robert Kiyosaki auther of Rich Dad Poor Dad. His poignant life experiences as well as his incredible teaching through telling stories method of education was not only captivating (I read 5 or 6 of his books) but they teach invaluable methods of thinking that will truely put you on the path to financial freedom. Great great books! Lots of them can be found at your local discount book stores and thrift shops, try the library for chances to read many of these books for free.

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