Your Questions About Fedex

Michael asks…

Will shipping Fedex International Priority to the Philippines be delivered straight to our home address?

Will shipping “Fedex International Priority” to the Philippines be delivered straight to our home address? or will it be held at the post office for claiming? thanks in advance!

John answers:

It will be delivered to their home. Be sure to give a cell # just in case they need to contact them.

Mary asks…

How can i tell if Fedex is sending me something?

A local construction company said that they had Fedex‘d me something and that it should’ve arrived 2 days ago. I already asked them about it and they said it should be on its way. I hate to bother them again, so is there any way that I can see if FedEx is sending me something?

John answers:

Ask the construction company to give you a reference like a tracking or Door Tag number. If they have really sent it they should be able to give you a number. Then you go to fedex’s tracking site and type in the number. The site will then tell you where your package is.

James asks…

What time does FedEx usually stop delivering on Fridays or Weekends?

Around what time on Fridays/Weekends does FedEx stop delivering packages to houses? Do they deliver at all on these days?

John answers:

The short answer is, “when they’re done”. For Ground and Home Delivery, there is no set-in-stone time that they stop at, it’s when they’ve completed all the deliveries that they intend to do.

All operations operate on friday, but only Home Delivery and Express will make deliveries on saturday.

Donald asks…

How to get Fedex, UPS, and others to not just leave package at door?

Can you get Fedex, UPS and other delivery drivers not to just leave packages at the door? The kids on the block are teenagers now and turned into rotten punks. The parents are conviced that they are perfect angels, talking to the parents won’t help. I don’t think a note at the door will help because I’ve seen them toss a package halfway through the yard to the porch. Besides I don’t think they would that the time to read it.

John answers:

When you buy something online and they give you a tracking number you go to and enter it in then you will see a section that says “notes” or something in that you can type instructions for the driver to read.

Or you could just do it the low tech way by leaving a note with big writing that says

UPS MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this also works for me.


i forgot to tell you you can also do a delivery intercept if you live near a ups hub. You go to and enter your tracking number then choose delivery intercept and they will hold it for you at the nearest hub. That might be an option if you dont live to far away.

Or if you cant do that then i would say have it delivered to a friends house that you trust.

Sharon asks…

What will be the next stop for my fedex package?

Is there a tool/way to find out what will be the next stop for my fedex package? Package is coming from Chicago to San Antonio. It is a fedex Ground.

This remains unknown until the package arrives at some distribution center. However somewhere in their systems fedex knows this. Is that exposed?

John answers:

No, unfortunately there is no way of knowing exactly where the packages in the trucks are until they have stopped at a station and been scanned, specially for fedex Ground.
Since its the cheapest service it is also not very easy to keep track of and the least reliable service timewise.

But you can try dialing 1800 go fedex and give them your tracking number, sometimes it shows what station is the package heading to.

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