Your Questions About Fedex

Donald asks…

Which city has the FedEx Headquarter there?

You always know the FedEx. Now I give what the city that the FedEx headquarter is in that city.

John answers:

Memphis, Tennessee at Memphis International Airport KMEM here is a link to an aerial photo of the place

Daniel asks…

How is Fedex and Kinkos a Strategic Partnership?

10 point bonus to the best answer.
How is Fedex-Kinkos considered a strategic partnership?
What do they benefit from eachother?

John answers:

Well Fedex bought Kinkos, Viking Freight, and some other company and now FedEx owns these companines:

FedEx Express
FedEx Ground
FedEx Freight
FedEx Kinkos

they are affiliated but still separate companies..

James asks…

How can I fortify a FedEx envelope to not smash the contents when it is shipped through the FedEx centers?

I’m sending out nice marketing pieces in expensive folders within cardboard FedEx Paks and the FedEx handling process is making them arrive looking terrible (creating a bad impression instead of the good one I was willing to spend the $ on for FedEx in the first place). Anything I can place in the edge of the FedEx Sturdy Pak or around the folder I’m sending itself to ensure that it arrives to the recipient as good-looking as it was packaged? Any ideas? I appreciate it.

John answers:

Use your own packaging, a sturdy cardboard corrugated box.

OR use their bubble packs and line them with cardboard.

Robert asks…

Why do FedEx likes to leave packages in the front door without knocking to see if anyone was home?

I heard a noise(It wasn’t a knock just footsteps) in the front of my door and when i looked I didn’t see anyone but I saw a package. What if someone stole that package? Are they liable for it? One of these day if I didn’t get my package and turns out someone stole it. . . I’m going to SUE FedEx!

John answers:

The post office does it all the time. My sister lives in Maryland and has repeatedly asked the post office to keep her packages and she will pick them up herself. They can leave notices. They never do and she has had several packages stolen from her front door. FedEx and UPS do it all the time to me but fortunately I live in an area that is somewhat isolated from mainstream traffic and I have a big dog so I haven’t lost any packages because of that. I don’t think you can sue them. Call the main office and see if you can request for them to leave you notification whenever you have a package.

Mark asks…

What does FedEx do when they think they have a suspicous package?

If you send a package that has street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, etc or anything that is illegal to send. Will FedEx open the package and then try and contact the sender and try to arrest them or will they try to contact the receiver and arrest them?

Like will they bait them and allow the package to go through and then arrest the person or will they just not allow it to leave the FedEx center.

Anyone who works for FedEx or UPS, etc that knows would be appreciated.

John answers:

This is a legitimate question.

Contrary to the childish statement of the person above me.

Apparently his purpose is to demean and humiliate people, instead of being helpful and supportive.

He must be the child of a cop.

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