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Joseph asks…

What will the FEDEX Ground Delivery Personnel do if no one receives the package?

Received my tracking number just now for an item purchased online. Used the number and so far, there’s no information regarding about it just yet. Perhaps tonight…

Anyway, does FEDEX Ground do deliveries on a Saturday?
Since that’s a weekend, our family goes out for recreational fun, if ever the FEDEX Ground guys deliver on Saturday and no one is at home to receive, what exactly will they do?

Thank You Very Much!
Your answer(s) will surely enlighten a questioning mind today!

John answers:

Well if the package is going to a home -Fedex home delivery will
deliver the package on Saturday at no additional charge
and what sometimes happens a company will print a shipping label
with a tracking number which automatically notify Fedex to EXPECT a package with that tracking number for them to pick up or deliver to a fedex station or office.
As for delivering if the package doesnt required a signature they will
leave the package at your front door
if it need a signature a door tag will be left for you to sign

Chris asks…

How long does it take for FedEx to update the package tracking information?

How long does it take for FedEx to update the package tracking information?

John answers:

Idont know. I ordered a package, emailed me that it would arrive today at 4:52, and its 6:00

Helen asks…

What type of Fedex service does verizon ship by?

Tomorrow I am supposed to get my phone from verizon, shipped by fedex. When I looked to see what the hours of shipping were there are different hours for different types of Fedex. I was wondering what kind Verzion ships by. Fedex Ground? Fedex Express? Please Help!

John answers:

Verizon ships via FedEx Express. But the actual delivery time varies on the actual tipe of service you use within express I can tell you the theorical aproximate delivery time for every service but the actual time may be different depending on your area and how far away you are from your local fedex express station. In theory services go like this:

first overnight, delivery around 8 am (but I’ve never seen a verizon package coming this service to be honest)
priority overnight, delivery around 10:30 – 12:00 (again, depends on your zip code)
standard overnight, delivery around 13:00 – 16:30

and for the other services which are two day service, and express saver (or three day) the commitment time is usually by 19:00, this means anytime during the day before that time, which could as well be 10:00 am or 18:30.

Hope this helps!

Betty asks…

Is Fedex a pretty decent place to work for a college student?

I’m attending college in Memphis, TN and would like to know if Fedex is decent place to work part-time. How’s the pay? And what exactly would you do as a package handler?

John answers:

Boring thats why my aunt quit…and she has a degree

Daniel asks…

How to find pincode in india, in which fedex service can deliver the document from USA?

I want to receive one important document from USA, they sent it by FedEx. But, FedEx got returned the document back to the shipper due to no proper pincode. I gave the correct pincode to the shipper after consulting the FedEx service in India. why it happen like this and how to select the pincode for fedex courier service to india. please anyone help me.

John answers:

Please re-post with the critically important fact about where the package is to be sent. Without this, we cannot give you the precise answer to your question.

In general, in order to ship a document from the US to India, the shipment must include the proper coding, which FedEx uses for sorting.

FedEx has prepared a detailed Resource Guide, which will help you identify the procedure.

Again, please re-post with additional information, so that we can help you identify the problem.

Hope this helps.

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