Your Questions About Fedex

Helen asks…

What happens If fedex delivers 3 times and you miss them all and can’t pick it up?

Fedex came monday morning and I was at work, then they came again yesterday morning and then again around 5, but I was at work then school. It says they will only deliver up to 3 times and then I have to pick it up within two business days, but the place is far from my house. Is there anything I can do to have them deliver it again?

John answers:

No you have to pick up. If you don’t pick it up, the package will be returned to sender.

Robert asks…

If FedEx is sent to my house to pick up packages, are they notified of how many packages they are to receive?

My sisters online school has FedEx scheduled to come to my house to return my sisters computer, printer, and monitor. However, one of the labels expires before the pick up date. Would it be ok to drop off one of the packages at a FedEx location before the scheduled pick up date?

John answers:

The FedEx driver will have a shipping label for each box, so yes, they’ll know how many to expect.

If the label (or labels) will expire, call the school and ask them to cancel the original labels and re-order new ones. It won’t cost the school anything extra to do that.

You can call 800-GO FEDEX to find out about dropping off the packages before the labels expire.

Chris asks…

What does Fedex does to goods that they could not deliver to the recipient within 5 days?

What does Fedex does to goods that they could not deliver to the recipient within 5 days(due to some reason) of arrival at their”local FedEx facility”(the place where incoming international deliveries are stored before they are distributed nation wide).

John answers:

They keep them in their distribution centers for later delivery or pick-up.

Mandy asks…

How to get to fedex field from Baltimore using public transportation?

Trying to get to fedex field without renting a car or taking a cab going to a 8 pm game any suggestions?

John answers:

If it’s a weekday game you can get there using a combination of Marc train and Metro. If it’s a Sunday game you’ll have to take Amtrak plus Metro. It’ll take you a few hours and I think getting back the Baltimore after the game will be a problem.

Mark asks…

Is it hard to become a pilot for FedEx?

What does it take to become a pilot for FedEx? I know all the entry requirements from their websites but I’m pretty sure that those are just the minimal requirements. Is there anyone that has successfully became a pilot for FedEx that can give me some tips?
And I’m talking about being a pilot for FedEx Express. Is there a height limit that they impose? Because I’m a 163cm short Asian guy.

John answers:

FedEx is by far one of the hardest airlines to get hired at and for good reason… Almost every airline pilot would love to work there. The pay and job stability are very good there.

If you want to become a pilot for fedex there is only one single thing that really matters, and that is knowing pilots at fedex. Now, I don’t just mean that you met a fedex pilot once in a jumpseat. I mean, you have to know fedex pilots that have not only flown professionally with you but who would also write letters of recommendation. One of them has to sponsor you, and a fedex pilot can only sponsor one candidate per year (at least, that’s how it used to be) so it generally has to be a very good contact. You will also need to meet their minimums, which most likely includes at least 1000 PIC turbine time.

I know several guys who went to FedEx. None of them were necessarily perfect pilots. They were average guys, with no more than a few thousands hours. They did, however, all have very good contacts there.

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