Your Questions About Fedex

Donna asks…

How long does FedEx take to deliever once packes is on the truck?

I’m waiting on a package to get here via FedEx. On the site it says it will be delievered today no later than 7pm. The FedEx location is only 30 minutes away. When do you think i’ll get the pakage?

John answers:

My Fedex location is probably 10-15 minutes away. My tracking number tells me that they’re out on delivery at 7 AM in the morning and on average, I receive these packages by 3:30 – 5:00 PM.

Ken asks…

How often does FedEx update their tracking results?

I recently bought a computer and it is being shipped to me in Florida via FedEx. It says my anticipated ship date was Feb 10, 2010, and then it also says that the shipment information was sent to Fedex on the 10th of February. But that’s all its said for the past 2 days. Does FedEx just not update their systems often, because I know UPS has tracking updates everyday.

John answers:

Fed ex updates just like ups. Each and every time it reaches a new destination.

Maria asks…

What time does FedEx pick up packages from their distribution centers?

I ordered a package and it might come in at around 6-7 to a FedEx facility depending on traffic and whatnot. I believe it could still be delivered but I have no clue. Is it possible to be picked up from a nearby distribution center and then dropped off?

John answers:

What is your question? Fed-X picks up around 7:30AM and start making their deliveries door to door. If they get done early they may make a second pick up that day, but this is unlikely. If you want to pick the item up at their center you need to order the shipping that way up front or it will be on a truck. Unless they can not deliver the item because no one is home; in this case they will leave you a message telling you were you can pick the package up at.

Jenny asks…

what is the fedex address for the Georgia department of revenue?

I want to mail my GA tax return via fedex but they only show a PO box number on the forms.
I dont like waiting in line at the Post Office.

Dont you hate answers that are really questions :-)

John answers:

Why are you FedEx’ing it? It has to be postmarked by Wednesday. Your best bet is to send it to the PO Box with a Return Receipt Request. Or better yet, why not efile. :)

Ruth asks…

How long does FedEx standard overnight delivery take?

I put in the order on thursday and i want it by saturday. I’m pretty sure it should be shipped by later on today which is friday so will it be here by saturday morning/afternoon. Also does fedex deliver on saturday? Where the package is coming from is new jersey and i live in new york so it shouldn’t take that long considering i live not too far.

John answers:

If today was after 4pm, sorry today does not count, Sunday close so for sure Monday. Sorry I work p/t fedex

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