Your Questions About Fandango

George asks…

I bought tickets from fandango, do i need to bring a credit card?

My dad bought me a ticket off of fandango and the print out that has my confirmation number says to bring the credit card with me, but I’m going to the the theater with a friend and I can’t bring the credit card. Can i just use the confirmation number?

John answers:

If it says to bring it, you should bring it just to be sure. You can always call the theater ahead of time and ask if it’s absolutely necessary.

Maria asks…

How do I play Grim Fandango on new computers?

I can install it, and I’ve run patch gfup101.exe. But after the intial cinematic, the game stopped. I’ve also tried using CPUkiller to slow down my computer and copying all the files to my HD to no avail.

John answers:

Right click the program–Properties–Compatability—Check the box “run in compat mode for….—-Pick the mode that the game is—-

Also, disabling a few things helps it run smoother.

Helen asks…

where do you pick up your Fandango tickets when you buy them?

I have been trying to get Transformers tickets since it came out but I dont know where you pick up the tickets?

John answers:

You should have been given a page at the end of your purchase to print out you movie ticket at home (make sure it has the bar code on it), you should also have been given an email that has a link to print it out at home.

Sandra asks…

Has the word “fandango” ever been used by a straight man in serious conversation?

I’ve already made up my mind that “chinchy-boo” CANNOT be said in a serious manner by a straight man, but what are your thoughts on “fandango“? Yes, I know its a dance, but I’m talking about its other definition. And what about “fiddlesticks”?

John answers:

Besides the movie tickets thing called fandango. I never heard anyone say that.

Robert asks…

Does anyone have a copy of Fandango screensaver creator?

Does anyone have a copy of Fandango screensaver creator they would swap for some other software?
Dont want to pay for software that is’nt even made anymore
or from site with bad reputation.

John answers:

You could try downloading it from ares

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