Your Questions About Fandango

Maria asks…

How does buying tickets on fandango work?

If you buy online, do you print out the ticket or do you HAVE TO pick it up at the theater? Are there any special circumstances for R movies?

John answers:

If you buy online, you print them out

Donna asks…

How can I find where the corporate office is for

fandango,com has ripped me off on an online purchase and I have evidence. I have emailed them many times but they have not responded. My last option is to go to their corporate office. Where are they located at?anyone?

John answers:

Try their whois info:

Administrative Contact:
Fandango, Inc.robert.peralta@FANDANGO.COM
12200 West Olympic Blvd
Suite 150
Los Angeles, CA 90064
310-451-7690 fax: 310-451-7861

Charles asks…

Can i get into a rated R movie with fandango tickets?

If i print out two fandango tickets for a rated r movie and i am underage, will me and my girlfriend be able to get into the movie with no parents?

John answers:

Its just a movie, gee wiz

Mary asks…

How do you get Fandango Promo Codes?

When I am asked about a Promo Code on Fandango, I dont know what they mean. How do you get these codes?

John answers:

You can visit this site for More Free Coupon Codes

Donald asks…

I bought tickets with Fandango do i need to bring my credit card when picking tickets up?

I bought the tickets and it says “bring a credit card” but do i really need it if i have the ticket stub print off?

John answers:

Yes you will need your card.

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