Your Questions About Fandango

Sharon asks…

Is it cheaper to purchase ticket on the Fandango website or at the theater?

Hi I’m trying to buy ticket at Century 20 theater at Great Mall, and I found out that on the Fandango website, they are selling ticket at $7.35 and was wondering if it is the same price as when you buy the ticket at the theater. They said the morning show is a 6.00, but then there is a 1.35 fee

John answers:

Morning shows tend to be cheaper anyway, but fandango charges a fee so it is more expensive to book movies online, the difference is that if you want to see a popular movie, it reserves a seat for you

Ruth asks…

How does fandango work?

I bought tickets from fandango and I printed out the confirmation code. It says I need to bring my credit card, but I used my dad’s credit card. If I bring my dad’s credit card and he’s not there, what will happen?

John answers:

You don’t need your dad at the movie theater. They just swipe the credit card and your tickets automatically print out. Also, you can just go to the machines they have and click retrieve tickets (or something like that) then swipe the credit card then. I’ve purchased through Fandango hundreds of times.

Donald asks…

Why am I unable to redeem Fandango real gifts on Facebook?

I received a Fandango movie ticket gift through Facebook Real Gifts, but every time I click on the “redeem gift online” to get my code, I get this message that says “We’ll be right with you. Please try back shortly.” This has been the case for this entire past week. Has anyone else faced this problem?

John answers:

I also can’t redeem my movie ticket either, but i’ve only tried doing it today. This sucks! :X they need to fix this problem asap

Paul asks…

If my parents buy me tickets to an R rated movie on Fandango will they have to be there so i can get in?

Im 14 years old and want to see paranormal activity 2 with my friends on saturday. My parents will let me see the movie, but we can’t find anyone to buy us tickets. If they buy them on Fandango will the people at the movie theater let us in without an adult?

John answers:

I got into a few movies as long as I was going with someone who wasn’t a minor. Why would you want to pay full price to see a horror movie anyway, there are so many good ones that are cheaper to rent.

John asks…

Where can I buy Grim Fandango in Australia?

I cannot find a website or shop selling the classic 1998 game ‘Grim Fandango‘. Where can I find it?

John answers:

by the way thats a great game.

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