Your Questions About Fandango

Ken asks…

How can i reprint my fandango tickets without an account?

i bought fandango tickets a while ago for an upcoming movie and lost the confirmation paper that i printed out. i dont have an account either, and i deleted the confirmation email. it is also not in my recently deleted cause i bought the tickets a long time ago. is there any hope for me?

John answers:

Contact their support people by phone

George asks…

Is it more expensive to buy tickets on fandango than the movie theater?

I want to see the toy story 3 premier tomorrow and I looked on fandango and the tickets are $14.50 a piece!!!! Wondering if that’s just cause the cite or if it’s cheaper in theaters

John answers:

When was the last time you went to the movies? Wait till you see the popcorn prices!! They are just stealing money! We have to pay the high prices so that people who pretend to be someone else can live in multi million dollar mansions. Damn you hollywood!!

Oh and No it is not more expensive to buy tickets on fandango…….

“I work for Mr. Fandango”

Ruth asks…

Do all theaters accept tickets purchased on Fandango?

I am about to pre-order my tickets for New Moon on Friday at 7 pm, for the only decent theater that is an hour away. Will I be wasting my money putting this on my credit card to get there and find out that they don’t accept Fandango tix? I’ve never used them before. Also, it’s for the Carmike Majestic 12 Theater in Chattanooga, if that makes any difference. Would it let me know if it was not going to work?


John answers:

Sometimes on the newspaper ads it’ll say something like “Sorry, no passes” or “special engagement, no passes accepted”

Michael asks…

How do I buy movie tickets from Fandango?

My daughter wants me to buy her and her friends midnight premiere tickets to eclipse I called the theater and they said go to fandango I have never bought tickets online and I am needing a little help thanks so much

John answers:

According to Summit, you can pick up your tickets to The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (which hits theaters on June 30th) this Friday, May 14 Fandango and! The official run time of the film has also just been released at 2 hours and 4 minutes.

Donald asks…

Can fandango sell all the tickets to a theater?

When fandango sells tickets, do they sell all the tickets or are they given only a certain amount of tickets that they can sell ahead of time?

I ask this because one time I went to a movie and fandango had said (after I bought the tickets) that the movie was sold out, but then there were a ton of seats open.

John answers:


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