Your Questions About Fafsa

William asks…

What happens if you are selected for FAFSA verification and don’t submit the required information?

What will happen if you and your parents had a falling out since the original filing of the fafsa and they refuse to give you the information required for the verification process? Will the fafsa just be canceled or would any other legal issues or anything like that be taken up? Please help! My family is likely to say I stole the information without their permission or something insane like that.

John answers: – it provides some tips about applying to US federal and state grants for college students.

Betty asks…

What exactly does the Expected Family Contribution mean on the FAFSA?

I filled out the FAFSA and my EFC is $15,000, which is ridiculous because my Dad was laid off and has been on unemployment for 5 months, and Mom works as a manager at Target. School costs $9,500. Does that mean I am not eligible for any financial aid?
Does anyone know of any good scholarships? My GPA is really good, and I’m transferring as a junior with a major in Genetics and Cell Biology. I’m working as an intern, and I’ll only net about $4,000. ANY advice would be really appreciated.
I should also mention that my parents have told me there isn’t any money for me. No college fund for Chris. Anything I can get other than loans?

John answers:

Take the info about being laid off to your financial aid office at the school. My sister was just starting the process to apply to college when our dad got laid off, and the financial aid office helped come up with some extra funds.

George asks…

How long will it take til my husband get his FAFSA after sending the transcript?

So he applied for Fafsa (California) for Fall. He had just transfered from anoher school up north and he didn’t send in his transcript. Now almost 2 months later we still havn’t received his Fafsa yet and we received an email requesting the transcript. He sent it in today and I was just wondering how much konger will it take? Is he still gonna get his Fafsa for Fall?

John answers:

Give it a couple of weeks :)

Lisa asks…

My income is dramatically different from when I filled out FAFSA, how can I get more aid?

When I filled out the FAFSA form for this years financial aid, they asked for my income information from two years ago. Back then I was making significantly more money than I am now. I feel like the estimated amount of need is too low. Who do I talk to about this, and is there a way I can show that I have more need? Do I have to take out a personal loan or up my hours at work?

John answers:

They ask for the previous years’ income information because you’re expected to save and pay for some of your own schooling (depending on what your income was). If you’re classified as a displaced worker, then you will qualify for an amendment (contact your financial aid office). If you do not classify as a displaced worker, then it doesn’t matter what your current income is… They’ll still go by your income in 2009 (for the 2010-2011 fafsa). Next year when you fill out the 2011-2012 fafsa, you’ll use your 2010 income and you may receive more aid during the next school year. I would increase your work hours before you take out a personal loan… And you should be looking at student loans, not personal loans. If you’re not working full-time, then increase your hours if you need more money.

Ken asks…

How and where do I find out how much my fafsa is paying?

I filed my fafsa a little over a week ago. I have no recieved anything in the mail nor have I recieved an email of any kind. My schooling will be roughly around $7,000. My EFC is 8375? What does this mean? Is that bad? Thanks!

John answers:

If your EFC is over 5274, you won’t qualify for any Pell Grants. You might be eligible for some state or institutional grants. Check with your school’s financial aid office – they might need some additional information. Schools typically receive your FAFSA results within 2 business days, so they should be able to give you further instructions if you give them a call!

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