Your Questions About Fafsa

Nancy asks…

When applying for FAFSA does your financial aid start in Fall?

I have a friend who needs financial aid for this spring semester, and I am afraid that financial aid through FAFSA doesn’t start until fall semester. I assume she can get financial aid for summer through the school, but what should she do for spring quarter after this winter quarter?

John answers:

She can get it to start in the spring 09. She needs to go online at and select the 2008-2009 fafsa. If she is starting school next week and is just now applying, her aid won’t be processed by the time school starts, but she can still get it. They can can still process it after the semester starts. If the school wants money before, maybe she can borrow it from someone. Some schools will let you attend classes with an outstanding balance as long as you have fin aid pending.

Chris asks…

Can you still send in your FAFSA if you dont have a drivers license?

I was planning to send in my Fafsa today, but I cant find my drivers license anywhere! The Fafsa asks for a drivers license number. Can I still send it in if I dont have one? And will it be sent back if I send it in without one?

John answers:

Yes you can. Leave the state the drivers license was issued and the number blank.

William asks…

How long after your fafsa application is processed do you actually get the money for school?

Im wondering if i fill out the fafsa it takes two weeks to process application. How long do i have to wait for the money for school? How does it work?

John answers:

This was my experience.

Did FAFSA, processed 1 day later, my school got it a few days later, they asked for verification, I printed out the Dependent Verification form I was asked to fill out and attach my parents IRS tax form 2009, I gave it to my Financial Aid Office personally however you can mail this if you are too far away, THREE weeks later, it verified and has “satisfied requirements and processed”, so my status says in my schools website. Now, you will receive the money shortly before classes start. What happens is, they need to determine how much you need so in order to do that, they have to see how many classes you are signed up for, and estimate what you’d need for books etc. However, for the cost of tuition, you don’t get the money, the school does. For books however, you get a check in the mail.

If there’s any money left back, you keep it. 😀

Michael asks…

I filled out my FAFSA towards the start of classes. Will I be able to receive money from them?

Is it to late? I had to pay for my tuition because If I didn’t I would have been dropped from all my classes. But I filed the FAFSA and if I was eligible to receive money from them for that year will I get a reimbursement for all that I paid for? If yes, when will I receive it?

John answers:

You need to talk to your schools financial aid department to get accurate answers. Call them, e-mail them, go see them in person – but talk to them.

If you filled out the FAFSA you should have gotten an e-mail or letter from them saying they received it, and you should have an estimated family contribution as well as something from the school with an estimated amount of financial aid pending.

However, though most students DO get aid through the FAFSA if your parents make too much money you may not qualify. Which is why you need to talk to your schools financial aid department to make sure that you received money – and how much. If you applied late you would get less than the students who applied early as well. The amount given is determined by need, but there is only so much to give – early applicants get more.

As for reimbursement, that is a policy determined by the school. Any money from federal aid that is NOT used for school goes directly to you in a check or direct deposit to be used how you see fit. So if you got full payment, and had to pay for school before it was given to you, the school may reimburse you or they may just give you the full amount in a check.

Again, to get accurate answers for your school contact your financial aid department. And I’d say as soon as possible is best. E-mail them, then follow up with a call to make an appointment.

Mary asks…

If you apply for FAFSA for only summer semester how much do you get?

I am planning on attending college for the first time so please excuse me if this question sounds dumb!!! I applied for fafsa for summer 2010 which is considered the end of the academic year for 2009. I was given an EFC of 0. I was wondering if because its the end of the academic school year and I did not apply for aid before, will I get the entire $5500 to put forth towards this semester or would I still only get a portion of it?

John answers: – it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

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