Your Questions About Fafsa

Ruth asks…

When do you start filling out FAFSA and other for UC or CSU?

When do you start filling out FAFSA and other scholarships for UC or CSU? is it before there deadline (Nov. 30) or afterwards?

John answers:

The FAFSA is available online on January 1st of the new year (so you definitley can’t fill it out in November.) No school really tells you when you should apply for your FAFSA, but the sooner the better. (It’s said that the earlier you apply, the more financial aid you could possibly get.) However, one problem is that you have to get your taxes/income from your family’s (and your own, if applicable) employers – which usually takes at least until february or march. The earlier the better, though.

Maria asks…

What does it mean when your fafsa has been selected for varification?

My fafsa has been selected what do i do and who do i contact to know what they need to varify?
Also what kind of things do they ask you for?

John answers:

It just means that yours was pulled at random for them to double check all the information on your application. As long as you honestly answered everything then there’s nothing to worry about.

Sharon asks…

How accurate is the fafsa on the web submission confirmation?

My daughter applied for fafsa online and submission confirmation shows EFT =3489
a federal pell grant of up to $2100.
is this mean she will deffinitly get some amount of grants either $2100 or less?
Also, how often can she apply for fafsa? can she apply again in Janually 2011 for school year of 2010~2011?

John answers: – it has detailed info how to apply for financial aid and scholarships to get more cash.

Michael asks…

How does my parents financial information effect my financial aid on my FAFSA?

This year I had to estimate my parent’s tax information on my FAFSA and correct it later because i needed to meet my FAFSA priority deadline and they file late. Now that I have their actual information, their earnings are much higher then what I estimated. Will this reduce any aid I may already have? Also, what can happen if the values on my FAFSA do not match the numbers on their federal return?

John answers:

Check it out here. It’s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look.


Susan asks…

What is the difference between Ford loans and FAFSA?

I know they are both federal loans but what makes them different? I have already applied and recieved acceptance for my fafsa but will I get more money if I apply for a Ford Loan?
Also will the ford loan be more expensive than FAFSA?

John answers:

The FAFSA is merely a FORM from which the Department of Education assesses your eligibility for Federal Financial Aid. Yes, all FEDERAL and most STATE aid in the form of either grants or loans come from that form!

REPEAT: The FAFSA is a form that your FA Office will send to the DOE to see whether or not you are eligible for any grants or loans. Grants are NEED-BASED and never have to be paid back. Any LOANS you have to take out will go into repayment mode 6 months after you leave school or drop below 1/2 time.

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